Mr. Wonderful (1993)

Mr. Wonderful (1993)

Matt DillonAnnabella SciorraMary-Louise ParkerWilliam Hurt
Anthony Minghella


Mr. Wonderful (1993) is a English movie. Anthony Minghella has directed this movie. Matt Dillon,Annabella Sciorra,Mary-Louise Parker,William Hurt are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1993. Mr. Wonderful (1993) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Electrician Gus gets the chance to fulfill a childhood dream by buying an old bowling-alley with some of his friends. Unfortunately, due to the alimony payments he has to make to his ex-wife Leonora, the bank refuses to loan him the down payment. Knowing that when she marries again she loses her alimony rights, Gus tries to speed things up by bringing Leonora together with all the potential husbands he can find. Although this approach isn't very successful, it awakens feelings in both of them they didn't know they still had.


Mr. Wonderful (1993) Reviews

  • Church Bells Take Their Toll


    New York electrician Matt Dillon (as Gus DeMarco) wants to buy a bowling alley in Brooklyn, with his buddies from work; but, he doesn't have the money. To get his share of the bucks, Mr. Dillon must either sell his beloved Corvette, or marry off his alimony-collecting wife. If Dillon can find "Mr. Wonderful" for ex-wife Annabella Sciorra (as Leonora "Lee" DeMarco), he can stop payments. Making her ex-husband's job more challenging, Ms. Sciorra has hooked up with married college Professor William Hurt (as Tom). Sciorra has returned to school, and is learning Latin. Meanwhile, Dillon is dating sexy nurse Mary-Louise Parker (as Rita). This Anthony Minghella film will be very disappointing if you're looking for anything approaching the caliber of "The English Patient" or "The Talented Mr. Ripley". As good as they are, director Minghella and his bickering leads, do simply nothing with this ordinary, predictable story. There are a few nice moments, like a young downs syndrome couple sneaking a kiss as NYC subway light flicker. But, It's difficult to believe Sciorra suddenly dating the series of men recommended by Dillon. And, it's hard to fathom Dillon giving up a woman as desirable and intelligent as the gainfully employed Nurse Parker (a part filmmakers should have considered making an "airhead"). Second-stringers, like Parker and Con Edison worker David Barry Gray (as Pope), are more interesting to watch than the stars. ***** Mr. Wonderful (10/15/93) Anthony Minghella ~ Matt Dillon, Annabella Sciorra, Mary-Louise Parker, William Hurt

  • I thought any minute you'd walk in the door...Oh, I waited and waited for the phone to of Mr Minghella's finest, definitely


    Perhaps I am a little late with my writeup of this, a favoured movie in my specially selected permanent collection. I have read the other reviews, however I cannot agree, because this is a BIG hearted not light hearted comedy drama, and there is PLENTY of chemistry between the stars Annabella Sciorra and Matt Dillon. She is just lovely to look at, beautiful and totally believable. Mary Louise Parker is also delicious, the acting is great, the storyline very likable, timeless, then and now. Mr Minghella became famous with the recent Breaking and Entering, The English Patient, The Talented Mr Ripley but I like this one very much. Others in the cast warmly supportive, include William Hurt and Dan Hedaya. James Gandolfini has a simple non violent role, Vincent D'Onofrio is absolutely wonderful in his adoring song to Ms Sciorra. His performance jumps out at you, Oh Vincent... your eyes will water. You have the price of the movie in that one scene. If you are into relationships, you will appreciate it... falling in love, being in love, two people living together, then drifting apart, you just want them to get back together again. It's a romantic fantasy for adults. Take my advice, rent it, buy it. Comment from Malcolm in Toronto 30th June 2007

  • Enjoyable film with surprise cast.


    I just watched this on TV and enjoyed it as much for the cast as well as the light hearted story. Seeing a thinner younger James Gandolfini with Annabelle Sciorra years prior to the Sopranos was a surprise as well as seeing Vincent D'Onofrio as a shy singing druggist instead of an intense detective or someone on the edge of sanity. The rest of the supporting players are a tribute to the talent pool available to producers who need to fill background roles with actors with as much talent as the leads. Luis Guzman does a great job as always along with Dan Hedaya, Bruce Kirby and William Hurt. There is even a too brief appearance by Saverio Guerra as the landscaper driving the truck. If you wondered where you saw him before it was as the laughable Bob character on Ted Danson's enjoyable series Becker.

  • A light romantic film!


    Okay so this is not Oscar material, but it is a sweet film just the same. I count this as one of my favorite movies, although let me state I have about 1,000 favorites! Coming from an Italian family I feel like I know these characters so well- Matt Dillon is adorable and very believable as Gus, the guy who needs to stop paying alimony to his ex-wife Lee so he can go into a business opportunity with his friends. Gus realizes the only thing to do is find Lee a new husband...a Mr. Wonderful! This of course leads to some very funny situations- The supporting cast is also great with Vincent Dinofrio (Law & Order-Criminal Intent)in one of his early roles. A terrific romantic comedy!

  • Charm, Freshness added to an old chestnut genre


    Wonderful comic acting, perfectly meets the expectations you'd have of a pure entertainment romantic comedy. Matt Dillon is especially good and displays a depth to his acting that had yet to be seen when this was first released. A little gem that deserves to be seen.

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