Mumbai 125 KM 3D (2014)

Karanvir BohraVedita Pratap SinghVeena MalikJoe Debroy
Hemant Madhukar


Mumbai 125 KM 3D (2014) is a Hindi movie. Hemant Madhukar has directed this movie. Karanvir Bohra,Vedita Pratap Singh,Veena Malik,Joe Debroy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Mumbai 125 KM 3D (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

On their way to a New Year's Eve party in Mumbai, a group of five friends encounter supernatural occurrences on a highway, 125 kilometres outside the city.

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Mumbai 125 KM 3D (2014) Reviews

  • Comedy of Horrors


    Mumbai 125 km is a film that could not handled even till the interval.The movie was awful from the selection of actors till the use of stereoscopic 3D. Of course you cannot expect a horror movie like those in Hollywood but this movie even failed the Bollywood standards. With a very weak story line and even badder way of story telling, the director should consider a makeover. You get very bored with the pitiful and cheap jolts. For example-: a scene where a ghost suddenly appears on your left and goes back on the deck. That scene was filled with very disturbing music. If you are a fan of Hollywood horror, this movie might be a joke for you. In conclusion, it's a movie with has nothing to do with scare factor or nothing to do with horror factor. You might go for the movie if you are long thirsty of some horror but in all, this movie just is a way beyond anyone's expectations.

  • Once again a poorly conceived attempt to fool the audience in the name of Horror.


    In the recent reviews of many Hindi horror films, I have repeatedly mentioned a visible fact that this particular genre is one of the safest ones having a large section of viewers always ready to watch the latest flicks in the theaters despite their lower budgets, lesser publicity or an unknown star-cast. And that is the reason why there are always at least 30-40 persons in the first show of these films expecting something better scaring them like never before. Plus these horror ventures also have a decent demand in the home video market too since the Ramsay era. Unfortunately the significant fact mentioned above is also known to many mediocre film-makers too which is repeatedly resulting in such silly and laughable products that not even qualify to be called as a Horror flick. In straight words, MUMBAI 125 KM once again proves that for few thoughtful minds a Horror film is nothing else than many dark scenes, shocking sounds, few flying spirits, some continuous brutal murders and a flashback secret served with a good dosage of sex and that's it. Now here if you think I missed out the word story or plot then for these specific minds, a group of friends going on to an expedition or adventure (with references taken from few foreign movies) is all which is required in the name of plot as displayed in this latest dud. Describing the experience of watching this so called Horror film in few lines, it as usual starts with a scary dream sequence, followed by a party/love song introducing a group of friends (with a love triangle) deciding to go on a quick journey which obviously turns out to be spooky introducing a woman ghost with a linking twist. But giving out the actual truth this is certainly one of the most foolishly written and carelessly directed films that just has been made in 3D aiming at those 250 Rupees lying in your pocket and has nothing to do with the genre or even cinema in some exact words. And since I can easily sense your disinterest in reading about the film, there is no use writing about its performances, cinematography, background score, direction or script wasting your valuable time any further. However I would surely like to end with a simple request to the makers, that yes there are decent takers of this genre undoubtedly, but please don't consider them as fools serving such immature products repeatedly calling them as Horror films.

  • Complete Rubbish


    Simply Stupid...and heavily shamelessly borrowed from 'Dead End'...a complete thumbs down

  • What a bad movie


    Complete cast are not good actors .. how do they find money to make such movies

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