New in Town (2009)

New in Town (2009)

Renée ZellwegerHarry Connick Jr.Siobhan Fallon HoganJ.K. Simmons
Jonas Elmer


New in Town (2009) is a English,Spanish movie. Jonas Elmer has directed this movie. Renée Zellweger,Harry Connick Jr.,Siobhan Fallon Hogan,J.K. Simmons are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. New in Town (2009) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A high-powered consultant in love with her upscale Miami, Florida lifestyle is sent to New Ulm, Minnesota to oversee the restructuring of a blue collar manufacturing plant. After enduring a frosty reception from the locals, icy roads and freezing weather, she warms up to the small town's charm, and eventually finds herself being accepted by the community. When she's ordered to close down the plant and put the entire community out of work, she's forced to reconsider her goals and priorities, and finds a way to save the town.


New in Town (2009) Reviews

  • I Loved This Movie and Story


    I have no clue why some of these unfair and off balance reviews. I was expecting this movie to be very simple and average, I was pleasantly surprised and found it very funny and to have a great story line and heart warming lesson or two. Perhaps some of the stereotyping offended some? I thought it was dead on and rather funny. The campy, just rolled outta bed, let's make some home made crafts and pudding Minnesota characters were dead on accurate from my experiences visiting Minnesota. Whoever did the research and background on Minnesota obviously spent some time there and put it all together in a nutshell just perfectly for what is a very funny and heart warming story. Where is your sense of humor people? The story itself for that matter was one of believing in the common good as we see the educated and professional city girl played by Rene Z learn a few good lessons about more every day people. She takes a bad situation and turns it into something very good, great in fact. By the end if you follow the story you are left with a tear in your eye. I loved her character, loved her, Harry Connick was great too and so for Rene and the people who worked hard on this movie, it was well worth the rental and I will watch it again today before I return it in fact. Don't listen to these snooty know it all critics here, especially if you are a Rene Z or Harry Connick Jr fan, you will love this movie and story, I promise.

  • Satisfied


    As a single independent female i look forward to these types of movies. Some deliver and some do not. If i can come away feeling hopeful and positive then it did its job. And i can assure you this movie did just that for me. It was cute and entertaining. The locations were complete opposites. Hot and humid in Miami and freezing in Minnesota. To see a character adapt to the cold after living in Florida and then also to adapt to the conservative lifestyles portrayed in this particular small northern Minnesota town, challenging. Renee always delivers. Harry Connick Jr. stole the show with his comedic timing. And the Actress playing Blanche and actor playing Stu also very funny. And did i mention the soundtrack ROCKS!

  • A heartwarming comedy


    This film is about a business woman from a big city who got transferred to a small town. She encounters much trouble adjusting to the small town life. "New In Town" is another romantic comedy with Renee Zellweger as a person who achieves despite her mischievousness. She is already heavily typecast, but then she really is adorable and likable so it is OK. The plot is very predictable, but is enjoyable mainly due to the small town warmth. Seeing acquaintances and colleagues help each other out, and giving hand made gifts is refreshing. It enhances the positive spirit of the film, and makes the characters more engaging. "New In Town" is a heartwarming comedy, I enjoyed watching it.

  • So not worth the low rating!


    This movie is hilarious! I usually go by IMDb's rating and so the 5.3 average got me entering the movie theater reluctantly. Boy, was I surprised. OK, I'm sure Minnesotans feel they're being made fun of. Even to my Dutch ears the Minnesotan accent sounds more French than anything. But movies never get a Dutch or German accent perfect either so I just accept it and don't let it spoil the fun. Sure, the story is predictable, but it is a comedy. It has been ages since I laughed so hard in a movie theater (and I go almost weekly) during the scene where Renee's character has to pee in the woods. If you want to have a good laugh, go see this movie!

  • It's actually pretty damn funny


    If Renee Zelweger were any cuter, I think world peace might be possible after all. But it's her character in this romantic comedy that… will get you hooked. NEW IN TOWN is surprisingly funny story of adjusting and falling in love with more than just a person. Anybody who's ever lived in small towns would find it nostalgic and dead on. I like the story. Granted it's not Oscar worthy material but be that as it may, I didn't expect it to be so engaging and easy to relate to. It doesn't have any of those cheesy over the top jokes that only the filmmaker and the crew would enjoy but instead, it carries simple sense of humor that will get you at least to chuckle, funny things at the cost of the winter cold for example, or at the cost of getting lost in the accent, or the huge difference in ways of thinking and doing things between a city girl and a country girl. Renee Zelweeger is radiant, full of energy, even when her character seems to get beat down, she manages to capture our attention only because she has the charm of a leading lady. She has excellent comedic timing which is not anything new, keeping in mind that she's tackled drama-comedy successfully in the past. Anytime that she tries to attempt something out of her comfort zone, that's when you can expect hilarity to show up. It's clear to see that everybody involved in this project did not have the desire to try too hard to make this movie more than what it is. The plot line tells Reneez's character dealing with the new place within the one year that she was there and I appreciate it's not done in a way that Sex and the City Movie had its one year story which felt a bit slow. Actor J.K. Simmons is under-appreciated, his performance as the wise-cracking Stu is proof that it's only a matter of time before this man gets nominated in the near future. NEW IN TOWN will arouse your curiosity to get out of your comfort zone and try new places, setting, and habits. --Rama's SCREEN--


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