Nightmare Tenant (2018)

Nightmare Tenant (2018)

Lauralee BellJon BriddellHeather HopkinsMaahra Hill
Robert Malenfant


Nightmare Tenant (2018) is a English movie. Robert Malenfant has directed this movie. Lauralee Bell,Jon Briddell,Heather Hopkins,Maahra Hill are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Nightmare Tenant (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Dr. Carol Allen (Lauralee Bell), a kind-hearted Ivy League alum and single mom whose high-achieving and well-rounded daughter (Heather Hopkins) gets accepted into the same university. At her daughter's suggestion, she takes in a hard-luck student so she won't be living alone when her daughter starts college. Rob Malenfant directs Nightmare Tenant, and Ken Sanders produced it in a reteaming with his Mistress Hunter star Bell.


Nightmare Tenant (2018) Reviews

  • Timely


    With the current admissions scandal this is timely. This week's wacko is a girl who didn't get in to a prestigious college Vanderton. She finds out a legacy did. She goes to stay with the single mom doctor of the legacy and wreaks havoc. It's a bit naive of the doctor to take her in. She starts stealing her identity and charging stuff to her card and more. The actresses are pleasant looking and act well and the story is watchable. The title could now be more about the admissions scandal.

  • A can miss


    Nothing exciting. Typical crazed murderous girl getting her revenge. It had it's suspenseful moments and some action, but still ehh. I was somewhat bored. It's not the best Lifetime movie I've seen. Although, I have to give credit to Virginia Tucker. She did a good job of going from charming to evil in an instant. Sort of like Eddie Haskel.

  • Acting is poor


    While I'm a Y&R fan, and I like Lauralee (and the whole Bell dynasty for daytime dramas), I was not impressed with the stilted and stiff acting. The storyline was good, but it was all too weird a setup for these times. No deep research into a renter in the home? It would be better if mom was having trouble making ends meet, instead of wealthy and trusting. Finally, Lauralee, you should be a better actress by now, more natural. And eat something or curl your hair!

  • I loved this movie


    It was a great movie to me I enjoyed seeing laureen Bell in something not Y&R

  • Devious, obession, stalker revenge type movie.


    "Nightmare Tenant" a "LMN" film is one that's a thrilling drama of obsession and rage as when one doesn't get what they want they behave badly. Dr. Allen's(Lauralee Bell) only daughter Lacey(Heather Hopkins) gets into an ivy league east coast school based on name and clout and passed over is Nikki(Virginia Tucker) so all of a sudden Lacey leaves the nest of California and flies east. So soon Nikki starts a dangerous cat and mouse game of danger and obsession by befriending Dr. Allen and becoming a guest also Lacey becomes a damsel in distress as she has a scene where she's tied up and gagged. Overall okay suspense TV thriller.


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