Nijam (2003)

Nijam (2003)

Mahesh BabuTottempudi GopichandRaasiRameshwari


Nijam (2003) is a Telugu movie. Teja has directed this movie. Mahesh Babu,Tottempudi Gopichand,Raasi,Rameshwari are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Nijam (2003) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

Eddy (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a powerful mafia leader whose right hand is Devudu (Gopichand). Devudu has a lover called Malli (Raasi). Reddy - who also like Malli - takes her to the bed, which is not liked by Devudu. In the process, Devudu kills Reddy and he becomes the leader of the mafia gang. Venkateswarlu (Ranganath) is a fire officer. In an incident, Devudu sets a market place afire and Venkateswarlu rescues it with his fire fighting and at the same time Venkateswarlu slaps Devudu, as he continues throwing kerosene at the market place. Devudu holds grudge against Venkateswarlu and sends him to jail on a framed charge of murder. Seetaram (Mahesh Babu) who is the son of Venkateswarlu tries to rescue his father from the jaws of police. But in the process, everybody starts asking him for money to do the work. At the end of the day, the police officer kills Venkateswarlu. The rest of the story is about how Seetaram's mother (Talluri Rameswari) takes revenge on the people responsible for...


Nijam (2003) Reviews

  • Mahesh's Brilliant performance


    All you Mahesh fans out there and those who are not, please have a look at this picture, for the sheer performance of Mahesh. If you would like to know what brilliance in acting is about, checkout 30 minutes of Mahesh's performance in those pre-interval scenes. Apart from Mahesh's Performance there is nothing much to boast about in the movie. Nothing commendable about the execution of comedy scenes nor songs. Nothing much interesting to sustain the audience after some superb acting in some brilliantly executed scenes just before the intermission. This movie is worth a watch only for the performance of Mahesh. The scenes where he interacts with the police officer when his father his jailed and after his death just prove his caliber as an actor. A much better second half and the omission of those vulgar comedy scenes would have made the movie much more watchable. I go with a 6/10 for the movie where 5 stars belong to Mahesh and a star to some of those good dialogs.

  • Definitely a good attempt


    A movie where Mahesh acting has become from amateurish to an excellent energetic performance.Thanks to director Teja for giving my favorite hero an excellent role.But the movie has few flaws and comedy was so vulgar.If at all comedy was good movie would have been much better.Sentiment was good.Mother and Father characters were well plotted.Rakshita was OK.Rest did their job as required.Direction is good.Concept is excellent.Movies like these should definitely be encouraged.Mahesh should definitely do such challenging roles in the future.He has done a real good job in the film.Barring few flaws the movie is a commendable attempt.

  • Good film


    Best acting, story and very good movie compared to other Telugu films

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