Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (2001)

Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (2001)

Venkatesh DaggubatiAarthi AgarwalSuhasiniAnanth
Vijay K. Bhaskar


Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (2001) is a Telugu movie. Vijay K. Bhaskar has directed this movie. Venkatesh Daggubati,Aarthi Agarwal,Suhasini,Ananth are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (2001) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Venakteswarlu alias Venky (Venkatesh) comes to the house of Murthy (Prakash Raj) on recommendation of his father Sekhar (Chandra Mohan) who is a childhood friend of Murthy. Nandini alias Nandu (Arti Agarwal) is the daughter of Murthy. Venky enters that place when Nandu is about to get engaged to a software professional from the USA. Soon, Venky bonds with everyone from Murthy's family. Murthy helps Venky secure a job. The relationship between Venky and Nandu starts with hatred and turns into friendship. Nandu confesses her love for Venky to him. Venky, who does not want to spoil the relationship between their parents, decides to leave the house. But Murthy goes to the railway station and talks to Venky, which causes Venky to return. On his return, Nandu stops speaking to him. When Venky accompanies Nandu and Pinky (Nandu's cousin) to Nandu's friend Asha's wedding, sparks fly between them.Even though Venky also is in love with Nandu, he does not express it and pretends to not have ...


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Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (2001) Reviews

  • Comedy/Family Drama


    I don't know how many times I watched this film. Comedy by venkatesh is the highlight of this film. Director Vijaya Bhaskar has lot of guts in making sentimental films reaped by comedy. But I am surprising why he is taking a lot of time in making films. Of course every film by him is a huge success. The film is well scripted and songs are very nice. Aarti agarwal is very nice and made a successful step in telugu film industry. Some dialogues in this film makes one to crawl on the ground. The story is routine. The lady lead actor has already engaged with a fellow. After that this heroin falls in love with venkatesh by his innocence and the value of father in his life. It is one of my best comedy films.

  • One of t best comedies in telugu


    This is one movie which u wont get tired of watching.. Having watched it umpteen number of times both wit friends and family u can still laugh whole hearted.. Not very often do u see a telugu movie where t hero is himself t main comedian. He's not more than a superbly scripted character still he comes out as a real hero..Forget all those fights, those punchy dialogues against t baddies,this is coming of age of telugu hero. Nd venkatesh gives his best performance till date in such a way tat u cant imagine any one else in his role..Vijay bhaskar of nuvve kavali fame produces a riveting script, wonderful dialogues nd a sleek screenplay.. If u really want to know t story its about a young girl who gets happily engaged in an arranged marriage till his father's friends son bowls her over. Prakash raj as usual is stunning.. There r certain sequences wit bramhanandam tat could've been parted wit nd r of no use to t script. U can forgive t director for such mistakes just bec he has given a movie to remember and cherish for a long time

  • A wholesome fun family movie for all seasons!


    If I were to go on a long journey, with few prospects for entertainment, this would definitely be one of the movies that get packed in my portable hard disk. Just for its pure entertainment value, and definitely not for any award winning performances. Very rarely does a director strike the right balance of comedy and drama, especially between the either side of the intermission. How often do we head into the intermission feeling all light and happy only to get drenched in heavy waterworks-sentiment in the second half! Venkatesh forms the backbone of the comedy track with Prakash Raj, Suhasini and Chandra Mohan donning the drama mantle. Aarti Agarwal in her debut movie manages to look pretty and shed the right amount of tears at the right times. But the revelation of the movie must be Sunil, who has given a subdued yet howlarious performance. A special mention must be made of the witty dialog by Trivikram. A wholesome fun family movie for all seasons!

  • Too good movie


    I like this movie very much; I have watched it number of times; I laugh every time I watch it. The greatness about the movie is its simplicity; it has all the ingredients in the right mix; comedy, sentiment, sarcasm, love, friendship etc. I feel the credit goes to Trivikram for his simple script and excellent screenplay and dialogs. Though most of the scenes are comedy oriented, the film doesn't miss the sentiments. The only weak point I can say is Suhasini's dialogs; a bit boring sometimes, but they are needed for the story. I never liked Venkatest for his over-action; but in this movie, they used him in proper manner. Just go and watch it; you'll have lots of fun and good time.

  • I hava watched so many times this film......


    Excellent film.I hava watched so many times this film......

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