Obey (2018)

Obey (2018)

Marcus RutherfordSophie Kennedy ClarkMichael QuarteySam Gittins
Jamie Jones


Obey (2018) is a English movie. Jamie Jones has directed this movie. Marcus Rutherford,Sophie Kennedy Clark,Michael Quartey,Sam Gittins are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Obey (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Nineteen-year old Leon returns home to take care of his alcoholic mother and adjust to life as an adult after an adolescence spent in and out of foster care. Frustrated by his lack of an education and his bleak financial prospects, Leon finds solace in the boxing ring. He soon meets the rebellious and beautiful Twiggy, who is squatting in abandoned houses to escape her family's unfeeling affluence. As rumblings of riots begin in the streets and police and protesters engulf his neighborhood, Leon must decide whether to join his friends and fight or seek a new life with Twiggy.


Obey (2018) Reviews

  • La Haine in London


    I lived in London for many years and this is one of the very few films that has portrayed the rough times during 2011 London Riots in such realistic and vibrant way. Superbly directed with great performances and no pretension. More films like this should be made so that we are aware of what's happening beyond our bubbles...

  • Solid Seven


    Took a shot in the dark on this one and was pleasantly surprised. It portrays how wicked humanity has truly become.

  • Pleasantly suprised!!! Authentically on point, great film


    Didn't know what to expect watching this but it opened by eyes to that side of London life and culture. For an unknown cast, some brilliant performances.

  • Unfinished business...


    This movie could have been so great...it really saddens me...the parts that are shown were really good to me...the problem is it's like watching a movie that you fell asleep on 3 or 4 times...waking up again and again having to figure out what you missed...it was a lot going on but nothing was completely explored in it's entirety...this could have easily been a two hour movie to better open and close the chapters of the story...for what it was though I would recommend it if you have a broad imagination...kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces...but still being able to see what the picture is supposed to look like in the end...

  • Excellent


    A very real and moving character study. Predictable in a couple of places but more because it's clear that's how those characters would react in each given situation, rather than because there was anything wrong with the writing.

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