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Office Uprising (2018)

Office Uprising (2018)

Brenton ThwaitesJane LevyKaran SoniZachary Levi
Lin Oeding


Office Uprising (2018) is a English movie. Lin Oeding has directed this movie. Brenton Thwaites,Jane Levy,Karan Soni,Zachary Levi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Office Uprising (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Desmond is an underachiever working at Ammotech, a major weapons manufacturing firm. However, Desmond soon discovers Zolt, a popular energy drink created by the military, has turned his boss and coworkers into violent psychopaths. Now Desmond must finally rise to the challenge in order to survive a building full of psychotic coworkers armed with the newest weaponry.


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Office Uprising (2018) Reviews

  • Unexpectedly Entertaining


    Twisted humorous zombie flick. That's really all you need to know. Lots of B-Grade zombie stuff that when cooked up just right comes out better than expected. This is kind of like taking Office Space style workplace lampooning to a much more ridiculous level. Brenton Thwites as the young office slacker hits it long here. It moves pretty quickly past the usual setup of merging with that magic downsizing. Just a stupid romp that ends up scoring. Also worth noting: the talented Zachary Levi gets his screen time to show how whack he can reach playing control obsessive accountant A Nusbaum gone power mad.

  • Should have been a comedy


    This film tells story of an office worker for a weapons manufacturer, whose co-workers are turned into zombies by an energy drink. The film actually starts out not too bad and quite funny. However once the horror/zombie bit comes in, it falls apart. The horror effects are good. Plenty of blood and gore but it gets a bit dull. Some of the effects are pretty poor. The jokes fall flat. There is little action. Its not really that scary or gory. Although it was well acted, I had no connection to the characters. I really didn't care by the end what happened to them. It is a shame as there is some great acting and the first bit of the film shows promise. It would probably been better if it had been kept as a straight office comedy rather than trying to make it a horror.

  • Meh... Nothing special


    Anyone considering watching this movie should watch Mayham (2017) instead. This movie tried what Mayham succeeded to accomplish.

  • Well put together


    Office Uprising is very well crafted with lots of laughs from beginning to end. The storyline was sufficient, and supported the laughs as it kept building. The action, characters and humor were on point.

  • Funnier as it goes on


    We really enjoyed this film. It wasn't all just gore and action like other zombie movies it had a few plot twists and turns that kept me interested. A fun watch with your friends and family for sure. It got funnier and better as the movie went on.

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