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Orpheline (2016)

Orpheline (2016)

Adèle HaenelAdèle ExarchopoulosSolène RigotVega Cuzytek
Arnaud des Pallières


Orpheline (2016) is a French,English,Romanian,Italian movie. Arnaud des Pallières has directed this movie. Adèle Haenel,Adèle Exarchopoulos,Solène Rigot,Vega Cuzytek are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Orpheline (2016) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Four different instances in the life of the same woman, as this is divided into four significant periods of her existence, such as childhood, puberty, adolescence and adulthood, all representing fragments and diverse aspects of her being as its central focal point. Emotionally damaged, Renée is a caring school teacher who is committed to the education of the underprivileged youth, trying to get pregnant with her boyfriend in an attempt to straighten up her life. However, her past is going to catch up with her in the shape of Tara, a self-destructive, addicted gambler, who has some unfinished business with her which date back some seven years ago. As we make a step back in time, we find Sandra, a careless and fresh young woman in her twenties, who is introduced to the world of horse races by the professional gambler, the elderly Lev who gives her a job at the racetrack as a "mule" carrying bet money to the cashiers. Later on and further back in time, Karine is an early-developed, ...


Orpheline (2016) Reviews

  • A very interesting movie


    You may think about David Fincher's BENJAMIN BUTTON, but on a lesser scale, of course, when you see this French film telling the story of a woman during the four major steps of her life. Child, teen, young woman and a little later. And those phases are shown through four different faces, four different faces. A splendid cast which emphasizes a moving but very sad tale that will let no one unaffected. Adèle Haenel and Exarchopoulos are both outstanding in two of the female's faces. And the editing did not bother me at all. But I am afraid that many audiences will avoid this film. Sure, this is not a comedy and this dark side of the characters can be depressing to many folks. such a shame. I highly recommend it.

  • very annoying movie


    Frankly its very annoying movie. You will not understand anything. Excepted the brilliant and sexy Adèle Exarchopoulos this movie really suck. Its pleasure to see her playing and moving anyway but all other actor are really out. Trust me this is a worse movie "à la française" with no beginning and no end, a very uninteresting story. Go outside playing with your kids your dog you will have better life moment than this scrap movie.

  • Too many holes in the scenario


    OK the main actress play is great and we feel her despair, broken personality, troubles and inability to cop with others. But there are too much holes in the scenario. How did she first get in this spiral ? How did she get out if ? What happened to the money ? Why is she arrested, and why is she arrested only after (presumably) many years ? We are supposed to feel for a girl we know very little ; we thus turn into mere voyeurs and have hard time to really connect. There are no complete connections between the young girl, the teenager and the woman.


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