पैग़ाम  Paigham 1959  Hindi Movie  Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Raaj Kumar  Hindi Classic Movies


LANG Hindi
TIME 1959
Dilip Kumar Raaj Kumar Vyjayanthimala
S.S. Vasan


Paigham is a Hindi movie. S.S. Vasan has directed this movie. Dilip Kumar,Raaj Kumar,Vyjayanthimala are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1959. Paigham is considered one of the best movie in India and around the world.

Widowed Mrs. Lal lives with her two sons, Ram and Ratan; an unmarried daughter, Sheela; Ram's wife, Parvati and her children. While Ram is employed in a mill, Ratan is studying engineering in Calcutta. When Ratan returns, he is offered a job at the same mill, falls in love with a Typist named Manju, much to chagrin of Malti, the daughter of the mill-owner, Sewakram. When Ratan finds out that Sewakram has been defrauding the employees, he decides to form a union, a move that is opposed by Ram, who is very devoted and loyal to Sewakram. Things go from bad to worse when the workers decide to go on strike on one hand, while Ram decides to thrown Ratan out of the house. Word gets around that Ratan is against Sewakram, and soon he gets blacklisted, Sheela who was supposed to marry Kundan, the son of Sitaram, has her marriage canceled, and the family lose their prestige and credit in the community. The question remains, will the workers continue to be at the mercy of Sewakram, and will the ...


Paigham Reviews

  • Dilip Kumar and Raj Kumar excel.

    manishrvce 2003-08-25

    If viewers think that Saudagar(1991) was the only clash of the 2 great Kumars,Dilip and Raj,then they should think once more.32 years before Subash Ghai's blockbuster,S.S. Vasan casted the 2 stars in his super hit movie Paigham in the year 1959.Although here it has to be mentioned that at that time Dilip Kumar was at the peak of his carrier and Raj Kumar was a rising star and this is evident in the movie where unlike Saudagar(in which both of them had equal roles),here Dilip Kumar is easily the hero of the movie where as Raj Kumar is the supporting actor.Nevertheless,still the movie is a treat to watch for their clash. I watched this movie last year on Star Gold(almost 43 years after its release) and must say that it is really a good movie and has not lost its charm over the years. The movie is a story of 2 brothers (Raj Kumar and Dilip Kumar).While the elder brother Ram(Raj Kumar) is a worker in a mill,the younger brother Ratan(Dilip Kumar) is studying engineering in a different city and also works part-time as a rickshaw puller.He falls in love with the Manju(Vyjanthimala) when she once travels in his rickshaw.After completing his studies Ratan returns to his native place and starts living alongwith his elder brother and hisfamily.The mill owner(Motilal) is impressed by the young engineer and employs him in his mill.Manju also joins the mill and their love story blooms,much to the anger of the mill owner's daughter as she also likes Ratan.The elder brother respects the mill owner and sees him as a Godly figure.However the younger brother Ratan after working for sometime in the mill realises that the mill owner is a shrewd,cruel businessman.He talks to the mill workers and ask them to put their demands to the owner.When the demands are not met he asks them to revolt.Circumstances lead to a confrontation between both the brothers.Raj Kumar throws Ratan out of thehome.However after some tension filled atmosphere both the brothers unite and the mill owner repents his earlier deeds and grant the workers their due. The movie has both social and family value.The concept of an engineer working alongwith the workers and even fighting for their rights again appeared in Yash Chopra's classic ''Kala Pathar'',where Shashi kapoor played the engineer.Even a later Dilip Kumar starrer ''Mazdoor'' had echoes of Paighaam. The story of Paighaam is good and the screenplay gets the viewers interested.Ramanand Sagar's dailogues carry the right weight and punch and it fetched him the Filmfare Award for the best dailogues in 1959.S.S.vasan's direction is good.The film being a Gemini Production had great production values.Earlier in 1955 Vasan and Gemini had collaborated in making the Dilip Kumar-Dev Anand action hit ''Insaniyat''.However it was after Paighaam that Vasan became a name to reckon with.Interestingly Akhtar Mirza had offered the strory of 1957 social-musical blockbuster ''Naya Daur'' initially to S.S.Vasan alongwith Raj kapoor and it was only when both of them rejected it it went to B.R. Chopra and he made a classic movie out of it.So Paighaam is kind of Vasan's interpretation of a star-stuedded,social,musical and entertaining yet meaningful popular cinema.He succeeds in making Paighaam an amazing movie.C.ramchandra's music is not that great.Still 3 numbers are very good.The bhajan''Ameeron ke parmeshwar..'',the title track''yahi Paigham hamara' and the comic ''kaise Diwali manaayein..' have fine tunes and good lyrics by Pradeep. Now the performances.Dilip Kumar clearly rises above the entire cast and shines in every frame of the movie.His dailogue delivery,expression and body language again prove that he is one of the best actors India has ever seen.As the young engineer who works hard and even fights for the workers rights,Dilip shows his capability as an ace star and actor.His romantic scenes withVyjanthimala are also brilliant.The scene where he teases Vyjanthimala by telling her an imaginary romantic incident with another girl was ''lifted'' by Salim-Javed for Amitabh bachchan and Zeenat Aman in the 1980 hit ''Dostana''.Vyjanthimala also delivers a fine performance.The chemistry which Dilip-Vyjanthi generated on screen was amazing.Paighaam was their 4th consecutive hit in the 4 years,Devdas(1956),Naya Daur(1957) and Madhumati(1958) being other.In this movie the director gives her ample scope to show her acting as well as dancing capabilities.Raj Kumar as the elder brother gives a very controlled performance.He never goes over thetop and matches Dilip's legendary status in the scenes where both of them come together.Motilal as the shrewd(but not a cardboard character) gives a great performance.Although he played a shrewd businessman in Anari (which was the other Big hit of 1959)as well,still he manages to perform this role in a different manner.Johny Walker as the cook gets some good scenes and a famous song(Kaise Diwali manaaye hum Lala,apna to 12 mahine Diwaala) and he does justice to them. An incident relating to the shooting of Paighaam holds curiosity.In a scene where Raj Kumar had to slap Dilip Kumar,it is said that the eccentric Raj actually slapped Dilip hardly.However,Dilip the true professional did not retaliate.If this incident is true then its interesting to note that a very similar incident happened on the sets of Roti,Kapda aur Makaan.In a scene where Manoj Kumar had to slap Amitabh Bachchan in a scene Mr. Bharat got too involved in the scene and actually hit the Big b.Big B however followed in the footstep of his idol Dilip Kumar and like a true professional did not retaliate. These co-incidences not-withstanding Paighaam is a movie worth watching for its social values and most importantly for the clash between both the Kumars.

  • The most disappointing film

    sherrvin-1 2018-12-31

    I thought it to be a blast since it had three of the most prominent faces of Indian silver screen together; Motilal , Dilip Kumar and Raj Kumar. But I was disappointed. Though, it is reasonably a good movie. It is all about Maalik-Mazdoor relations, nothing new. Everyone has played their part quite well. Lyrics by Pt.Pradeep is good with forgettable music by C.Ramchandra.



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