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Painless (2017)

Painless (2017)

Joey KleinEvalena MarieKip GilmanPascal Yen-Pfister
Jordan Horowitz


Painless (2017) is a English movie. Jordan Horowitz has directed this movie. Joey Klein,Evalena Marie,Kip Gilman,Pascal Yen-Pfister are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Painless (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Henry Long desperately seeks a cure for the condition that leaves him unable to feel physical pain.

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Painless (2017) Reviews

  • Strange but Holds the Attention


    "Painless" is a strange drama about a lonely young scientist with a rare disease that makes him feel no physical pain. He researches the cure and is supported by his physician that treats him since he was a child. He is afraid of hurting himself since he is painless. The only twist in the storyline is when he feels attracted by a young woman he meets in the subway and when an ambitious unethical scientist proposes to help him. Although developed in slow pace and with few things happening, "Painless" has details and in the end holds the attention of the viewer. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): Not Available

  • Captivating... but where is the Sci-Fi?


    The production value is above reproach and all the players turn in solid performances. Not really sure where the Science Fiction comes in unless they mean its a fictional story about science. The story is much like Lorenzo's Oil but from the 1st person as an adult. There are several places the film could have played a predictable (and expected) card but it stays true to a harder vision and doesn't sell the character to the story (what I mean is in many films you will have a character act out of character to create the 'issue' that carries the story forward, they don't do that here). As a result I found myself much more invested in the lead character than I usually get. I could have watched another hour without a hiccup. A very solid piece of work.

  • "Painless" Is an Impeccable Film with A Lot of Feeling


    I had the pleasure of seeing this film when it screened at a sci-fi film festival in Austin, TX, called Other Worlds Austin. It was one of my favorites from the entire festival. I was so impressed with this film, because it elevates science fiction from what people normally expect. "Painless" is an impeccably written, character driven story about Henry, a man with a congenital disorder that doesn't allow him to feel pain, and his quest to "cure" himself. Rather than taking the path of most science fiction and action films and creating a superhuman character who is invulnerable to pain, this movie was extremely thoughtful in considering how a person with this disorder might become extremely cautious and closed off. It's Henry's struggle with his solitude that make this story so captivating. Joey Klein gives an incredible performance as Henry, and the supporting cast excels as well. The cinematography in this film adds so much to the story. Jordan Horowitz did an amazing job writing and directing this film. I'm so excited to see science fiction moving in the direction of emotional storytelling and not just clever plot lines and CGI creatures. I hope I get to see this film again, and I'm very excited to see what everyone involved with this movie does next.

  • loved this movie!


    I was thoroughly impressed by this film. Such a creative & unique idea/concept. It is well made. The story is a pleasant surprise that keeps you engaged and invested the whole way through. The cinematography was beautiful. And the acting was amazing. I loved it. I also got to attend the opening night of the screening where i got to hear all the Q & A's. And i was blown away that they actually hired a scientist for this movie... so all the science that you witness is 100% accurate and real. I thought was was super cool. 10/10 for me. Bravo!

  • Surprised


    Was fliipping thru what to watch and this caught my eye. I enjoyed it very much. There were times Henry got on my nerves. I wanted to scream just live! I wanted him to have romance. I cried at different part of the film. I've never seen any of these actors and was amazed how great they were. I especially liked the Good Dr. Forgot his name. The end really made me cry. I saw a person write this was scifi? I don't think so? Any ways I must of really liked t because watched it last night and just woke up and here I am reviewing.


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