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Paper Tigers (2015)

Paper Tigers (2015)

James Redford


Paper Tigers (2015) is a English movie. James Redford has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Paper Tigers (2015) is considered one of the best Documentary,Family movie in India and around the world.

'Paper Tigers' chronicles a year in the life of Lincoln High School in the community of Walla Walla, Washington. The kids who come to Lincoln have a history of truancy, behavioral problems and substance abuse. After Lincoln's principal is exposed to research about the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), he decides to radically change the school's approach to discipline. With the aid of diary camera footage, the film follows six students. From getting into fights, grappling with traumatic events in their lives, and on the cusp of dropping out, they find healing, support and academic promise at Lincoln High.


Paper Tigers (2015) Reviews

  • A Must See For Educators


    When you understand that behind every kid who acts out or behaves badly there is a reason. More than likely years of reasons. When we fail to understand the kids that we work with, we fail kids. This is a must see for every educator who works with kids...all kinds of kids. To understand that progress is not a straight line, that there will be small victories and then major setbacks, is imperative. For these young people, the end is just the beginning of their journey. Our focus needs to be there beyond the classroom.

  • Yes, a must-see for educators


    To the person who voted negatively due to the small size of the school and the community buy-in needed to fulfill such lofty goals: yes, that is disappointing--but disappointing for society at large, not towards film. Its tenets are accurate: meet base needs before expecting higher goals. The fact that our education system, particularly public, is structured to reduce this kind of individual attention rather than increase it is a cultural issue, not an issue with the assumptions of the filmmakers.

  • Outstanding


    Paper Tigers is a documentary that gave a voice to individuals who are easily ignored and written off. This documentary causes you to think and gain insight into the lives of these brave individuals. I found myself committing to these students and respecting them to being vulnerable, raw, transparent, and open, and closed. The staff was explinary of displaying how significant of being the support system and village these students needed!!! I would highly recommend this as a must watch!!

  • Not a Must See For Educators


    This movie lures you into believing that every school has the opportunity to save troubled kids. However, that is only when you have community buy in and have a small enough school that the teachers can collaborate together (this school is only 175 students). I become more frustrated watching this movie than I did inspired.


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