Paris est à nous (2019)

Paris est à nous (2019)

Noémie SchmidtGrégoire IsvarineMarie MottetLou Castel
Elisabeth Vogler


Paris est à nous (2019) is a French movie. Elisabeth Vogler has directed this movie. Noémie Schmidt,Grégoire Isvarine,Marie Mottet,Lou Castel are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Paris est à nous (2019) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Anna misses the flight she should have taken to find Greg in Barcelona. The plane crashes. Taken in the vertigo of a death that has been narrowly avoided, she moves away from reality and the present. As his couple breaks up, Paris becomes the mirror of his distress.

Paris est à nous (2019) Reviews

  • Builds up to what?


    For me this movie just didn't work. A whole bunch of narration and random scenes of this ice cold main character talking to her boyfriend or her friend. Don't get me wrong, I love movies like this one that don't really make sense and get you into a trance like expierence, but this one was just not for me. I have no idea what this movie was building up to and I have no idea what all of it meant. There was a lot going on and nothing was explained, wich worked in Mulholland Drive for example, but not here. There was also a LOT of narration (a lot more than actual dialogue) and random shots of surroundings. Just a whole bunch of nothing... In my opinion this movie is just not as good as it maybe could have been.

  • A bewildering trance-like sequence stretched out into a whole film


    Anna meets Greg at a disco and after a whirlwind romance, long enough for him to grow a beard at least, he announces out of the blue his intention to move from their Paris home to Barcelona. Even during this first section of the film, the narrative thread is hard to grasp with many cuts between different times and places - a beach, a park and an abandoned theatre, for instance. But as the story approaches the doomed flight to Barcelona, things get really trance-like and surreal. Perhaps it all reflects Anna's increasingly tenuous grasp on a reality, which itself now seems to play out against a backdrop of constant and confused civil unrest. The camera is mostly hand-held and while some of the shots feel too close, others, especially those with actual riot police apparently completely surrounding the action of the movie are exceptional. The camera follows Anna, well played by Noémie Schmidt, pretty much all the way through. The final result, though, is just too disjointed and voice-overs used throughout the film aren't quite enough to keep things together. For some too, I guess that the frequent strobe effects (perhaps carried through from the disco at the start), might well feel a bit too much. 5/10

  • I Was Annoyed


    Sorry but... just no. If you'd like to see this movie, acted out live in front of you, read on. Go to your nearest college town. Find the hipster coffee shop that hosts open mic nights. Wait for the hipster girl that always gets up to read/act out her latest poem. There you go.. You've just watched a live version of this movie.

  • That first kiss.


    It's the moment in a love relationship that contains all the rest. It's a bud of pure potential now blossoming into story. And ultimately, the story that unfolds will be a tragedy--as all love stories are. Anna meets Greg, Anna loses Greg. Anna grieves and makes her peace. All in a film of visual power and knowing symbolism. At this point it's tempting to say 'enjoy.' But this is not the cinematic neighbourhood where the word applies, quite. I have no idea whether or not you will 'enjoy' this film. It's unlikely that its creator cares. You can count, though, on being moved.

  • Raw emotions about paris. No storyline


    This movie is not about a girl meeting a guy in paris. It is about Paris. About how Paris felt during these troubled times. If Paris was a person after the terrorist attack this is this person. Someone afraid, afraid of missing out, afraid of commitment, affraid of attachment, afraid of others... It expresses as a lonely, sad, lost but still charming and beautiful individual! Paris est à nous is beautifully shot and expresses raw emotions. It is not an easy movie to watch and is very experimental but it is so worth it !


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