Players (2012)

Players (2012)

Vinod KhannaAbhishek BachchanBobby DeolSonam Kapoor
Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla,Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla


Players (2012) is a Hindi,English movie. Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla,Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla has directed this movie. Vinod Khanna,Abhishek Bachchan,Bobby Deol,Sonam Kapoor are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Players (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The Indian remake of the Italian Job. Romanian gold is to be transferred from Russia to Romania after many years. A gang made up of a con man, a con women, an illusionist, a makeup artist, an explosive cum gadgets expert and world's number 1 hacker steal the gold. But the hacker named spider betrays the whole team and takes all the gold.


Players (2012) Reviews

  • A grave insult to the classic 'Italian Job'.


    'Players' is the official remake of the Hollywood classic 'Italian Job'. The director duo, Abbas-Mustan who are well known for churning out thrillers almost every year fail miserably this time in their attempt to recreate their magic. The movie is quite stylish and the cinematography by Ravi Yadav is mind boggling. But the problem lies in the screenplay. Abbas-Mustan have tried to put too many twists and turns in the plot that at the end you feel tired and want to walk away. I wonder why Abbas-Mustan have tried to tamper with the original source with so many unwanted twists. Why didn't they just simply replicate the story of the original when they had the official license to do so? As far as the movie stays true to the original, it is watchable. Once the typical Bollywood formula of twists and songs and dances pop in the latter half, it simply sucks. As for the performances, Abhishek Bachchan looks like he can't get over his 'Dhoom 2' and 'Game' hangover. His mannerisms and facial expressions are just the same as they had been in the aforementioned flicks. The only best performance definitely comes from Neil Nitin Mukesh. Not only does he look handsome, but his acting can give seasoned actors a run for their money. As Spider, Neil proves once again that he is in his best form after his debut 'Johnny Gaddar' and ' New York'. He proves yet again that good looking actors can act really well too. Bobby Deol is terribly wasted in this film. I wonder what made him choose such a minuscule and insignificant role. He wears a sad expression on his face throughout the movie. Thank god, he's only in it for half an hour. Bipasha Basu is always cast in a negative role in all Abbas-Mustan flicks that she has done so far. 'Players' is no exception. Still, she impresses with her acting with a new level of maturity and proves that she's really getting better with every film. Sonam Kapoor is horrible! That girl can't act to save her life. She sports a glamorous look for the first time but an actress she is not. The worst scene of Sonam in the movie was when she brags about being an ethical hacker. She seems so annoying and cannot emote with her eyes. Her emotions look fake and contrived. Sikander Kher looks bored and ready to walk away any time. Omi Vaidya irritates. Vinod Khanna is wasted. It was a delight to see Johnny Lever after such a long hiatus. He's the only one who provides relief with his comic timing in the horribly boring second half. The length of the movie is also a minus point. The first half moves at a brisk pace once all the characters are developed. But it is the sluggishly paced second half that gets under your nerves. Pritam's music is disappointing, unlike the previous Abbas-Mustan flicks where the music elevated the mood of the films. Dialogues are contrived and bad. On the whole, 'Players' disappoints. Given that the film was hyped and was the first release of the year, this film might find a tough competition in the box office. I advice Abbas-Mustan to think of more 'Races' than 'Players'.

  • Insult to 'Italian Job"


    A very random cast come together to make a Hindi version of Italian Job and end up spoiling it to no end. The script tries to take twists from the original movie for the Indian people who have actually watched "Italian Job" to go all 'oooooh' in the theater, but what they didn't know is the audience isn't that stupid to believe all that was shown. Abhishek Bacchan and Neil Nitin Mukesh do a good job, but Sonam Kapoor CANNOT act to save her life, neither is she good looking, what she tries really hard in the movie to be. Bipasha Basu does what she does best. Some of the stuff shown is so unreal that by half way through, you are just sitting in the theater to at least squeeze in little worth of your money. I mean Mukesh's character 'Spider' has this huge mansion with all high tech stuff, but one bloody vehicle barges in and destroys everything right to his bedroom, really people? The only saving grace to the movie was the little good action it had, especially the train heist, other than the movie was just in bad taste after what Abbas-Mustan had provided in 'RACE'

  • An Awful Remake


    Italian Job, an action thriller which was remake in 2003 now in Indian accent again in 2012 by Bollywood and it was seriously a waste of money time and energy. I wish they would have kept the way it was, unnecessary twists, unrealistic stunts and proud gesture by actors showing that they know about the future as they are going to win anyhow. Abhishek good at times but most of the time very over confident same goes for bipasha and actor like bobby deol completely wasted. Neil nitin mukesh did good job at times but he also gets irritating most of the time and Sonam Kapoor undefinable she does not even know how to act in a glamorous character. On the whole if Italian job is 8 out of 10 then this is 1 out of 100 seriously.

  • Disgusting Movie,Don't have to say anymore


    Its Official remake of Hollywood Blockblaster The Italian Job, They bought the copyright and nothing to say about it, However I wonder if any of them can be alternative to Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron..Poor script,bogus acting by majority of the actors just ruined the fun you expected from a heist movie... Firstto Acting:SONAM, she's just too much annoying,she does not have any decent acting talent unlike her father,the whole part of her was too much boring and unnecessary.....Now to Abhishek, I never thought he's going to be a thief! He looks acceptable as cop in DHOOM series but the same cop-like acting in this movie just disgusting,unacceptable.......Neil just passed the acting,Bobby was good,I really did not except such performance in movie like this,Kher just failed,he is weakest in the film alongside Sonam...Rest of the team I just wanna spend time by analyzing them,they are average.....Bipasha was better though the seducing character does not worthy to watch....I guess if it has the same story the the original without some extra characters like two lead actresses it would be much better......It looks poor, even much poor especially after watching Decent Hollywood like, Full2actions, awesome Scripted and Directed movie like DON 2, anyone isn't going to love Players...... Now to MUSIC:I think worst music ever made by Pritam,the dances even don't make sense with the songs. Direction:The Duo just made a Epic failed film with loose script,worst music and acting...sorry I can't even want to give it 2 stars...just 1 and I will recommend everyone to not see this title.....If you have seen The Italian Job and then watch this you will find yourself a sorry person... (Sorry for bad English)

  • Good but many things to improve !!

    abhishekjain1182012-01-08 This is about only those things which as a viewer I didn't like.. When the bad guys already got accepted as protagonists in Indian films, there was no need of showing the humane side of the players.. in fact the most inhumane player – Neil Nitin Mukesh impressed the most. Yes it is true, not only recently but since 70' and 80' whenever our hero goes out for a theft, we love it. Kohinoor, Jewel Thief, Don2, Roop Ki Raani.. etc etc.. Accepted that hero always brings in some reason to steal but the trend is changing !! You can change too.. So there is the quick NOT-TO-DO check list for Abbas-Mustan's Players. 1. Remove good motives of Robbery i.e. Victor's dream project, Ronny's daughter.. make everything emotionless, professional. Though Sonam's reason to join for Victor's death was justified. 2. Take actors which can act. For star power, couple of them are OK. like rather than investing in Abhishek, Sonam, Bobby, Neil and Bipasha, pay more to 2 stars and 3 actors.. because among the 5 only Niel and Bipasha acted. 3. Bipasha's Engine work and Bobby's illusion on train windows were something too too much of science fiction to digest. Agreed that Indian audience is watching science fiction and gradually accepting such techno gigs but at the same time people have started applying logics also, the flags on the windows were clearly showing not spraying the solutions on the entire window. 4. Reduce songs and reduce the length of the movie. Sonam's gig on Bobby, Bipasha's dance for Russian general and Sonam-Abhishek drunken songs were too too too tiring and waste of time. Instead sonam and bipasha could have used smart lines to get their men. I like the talking people do the night clubs. 5. Instead of simply showing Sonam's tense face while hacking scenes, more theoretical information about how it is possible to find Spider would be better. 6. And last but not the least, you made the robbery seems pretty easy. People watch Mission Impossible franchise in India now. If not making the mission impossible, at least make it difficult. Note: The objective of this blog is to pick only loop holes and not so great things about the movie and NOT TO review the entire movie. General ratings from different critics holds true about the movie.


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