Raktha Kanneeru

Raktha Kanneeru

GENRES Comedy Drama Romance
LANG Kannada
TIME 2003
Abhirami Kallu Chidambaram Doddanna


Raktha Kanneeru is a movie starring Abhirami, Kallu Chidambaram, Doddanna

A westernized foreign return indian who has problem wit every concept of indian culture. He falls in love with a prostitute. He marries a village girl after his parents force him to do so. But in first night he will have problem. He goes to prostitute every now and then. He leaves wife and give everythng to prostitute then he becomes victim of a disease and everyone leaves him but only his wife and friend returns to try to cure him


Raktha Kanneeru Reviews

  • Upendra Acting at its best

    sumoo6649 2014-06-12

    Raktha Kaneeru though a remake holds the viewers attention through witty dialogues , neat screenplay and extra ordinary performance by upendra and ramya to certain extent. Upendra as a foreign return 'Mohan' believes in body pleasures as the ultimate goal of his life and falling in trap laid out by Kantha who is behind his money . Mohan in meanwhile troubles his wife and mother. Time is too late when he is diagnosed with leprosy where the law of nature catches up with him. Raktha Kaneeru is a movie with social message which hits at your heart with superb acting by upendra. His dialogues and swag brings the egostic attitude to 'Mohan' character. Dialogues are superb with few melodious songs by Sadhu who has also directed the movie. Don't miss it as it is a healthy movie with good message.



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