Return to Horror Hotel (2019)

Return to Horror Hotel (2019)

Baby NormanJ Michael GreyR.C. SayyahStephanie Stevens
Ricky Hess,Brandon Thaxton


Return to Horror Hotel (2019) is a English movie. Ricky Hess,Brandon Thaxton has directed this movie. Baby Norman,J Michael Grey,R.C. Sayyah,Stephanie Stevens are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Return to Horror Hotel (2019) is considered one of the best Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Sleep Tight - A bodybuilder checks into the hotel to train for a big competition. He is gobbling up steroids when he is bit by bedbugs. The bedbugs in turn, grow exponentially larger and began to attack other guests staying at the hotel. Guillotine - A vain beauty pageant contestant, Doreen Grey, is trading her luxury auto to a slimy fence, Al Sharko, to get an edge to winning the next big pageant. She and her best friend, Collette, both get to test drive the charm, which works a little too well, causing friction between the two girls on who will get to use it. No Time For Love - Davie Jones, a WWII navy submariner, has locked himself away in his hotel room after his boat sank in the 60's with most of his friends. He hasn't been seen in years and has also not aged a day. A pretty bookstore clerk tricks her way into his room on a dare and kick starts Davie's biological clock. Houdini's Hand - Rufus and Tyrone have stolen a magical hand of Harry Houdini from a notorious one armed ...


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Return to Horror Hotel (2019) Reviews

  • Can't look past the poor acting.


    These stories may have been great if they weren't destroyed by the poor acting.

  • In desperate need of a wake-up call...


    A complete waste of time, yes. However, at least it was short. I don't know about the original, but 'Return to Horror Hotel' is nothing but a cheap knockoff of a Full Moon production or a Troma film without any of the cult movie charm. This movie fails so hard that it's actually kind of funny in some areas. Still, no excuse for bad acting and unoriginality. I recommend staying away from this one, as well as the first movie. From first impressions alone, I imagine that the first 'Horror Hotel' is just as terrible, if not worse than this travesty.

  • Tales From the Crypt on Acid


    Return to Horror Hotel is a zany, gut-wrenching treat that would be good to put on during a party. Four unique stories make up this twisted ride. My favorite was probably the third one, which centers around a lost submarine crewman and a curious bookstore employee. Their chemistry was great, and the execution (and art direction) of the theme was fantastic. At times, the performances are campy or over-the-top ridiculous, but that's the point. Grab a beer, pop a fake blood capsule, and laugh red juice out of your mouth for this guilty pleasure!

  • Very low budget and very indy, but not awful.


    You know going in with a low budget, cheesy horror what you're going to get. And this is exactly that. But it is fun, in a so bad it's good sort of way. Bad acting, no effects, poor script, all of those are present. But the actors seem to really be having a blast, and it makes it almost kind of fun to watch.

  • You're a monster


    The film is an anthology of four short productions which center around a flea-bag motel near "The Big Chicken" a landmark in Marietta, Ga. And for the record, I did eat there once. The features are whimsical with a horror background. The second and fourth features utilize some of the same characters. I failed to find the plebeian scripting overly entertaining. Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity. Baby Norman tease.


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