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Robotropolis (2011)

Robotropolis (2011)

Zoe NaylorGraham SibleyEdward FoyLani John Tupu
Christopher Hatton


Robotropolis (2011) is a English movie. Christopher Hatton has directed this movie. Zoe Naylor,Graham Sibley,Edward Foy,Lani John Tupu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Robotropolis (2011) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A group of reporters are covering the unveiling of a new facility that is completely maintained by robot prototypes. When one of the robots goes haywire, the reporters find themselves not just reporting on the malfunction, but fighting for their lives.

Robotropolis (2011) Reviews

  • The CGI robots were more sincere than the characters...


    Where to begin? This film is nothing but annoying on so many levels, it lacks suspense, it lacks a coherent storyline, it lacks any semblance of grittiness or of the most basic realistic emotional responses from the actors (Even the most whacky Sci-Fi premises are generally redeemed by applicable emotional acting). It was almost as if this film was created by a group of media studies drop outs, at all levels it fails from the talentless actors to the clueless direction to the ludicrous scripting and storyline to the terrible CGI... I have seen better acting, direction and story lines in home movies on youtube... The most annoying aspect is the insincerity of the acting... I recommend you avoid this film like the plague... PS According to Copyright protection agencies we are expected to waste our hard earned money on garbage like this before we have had a good opportunity to see what we are buying, this garbage movie is the perfect example of why the file sharing revolution is gathering momentum... ADDENDUM : It appears that there are a tiny minority for whom such terrible acting, terrible scripting, terrible plot etc are an attraction, these people seem to be able to suspend their disbelief at such scenes as the saving of a child in one scene and in the next scene the child has disappeared without explanation (I can only assume that the child actor decided that this garbage was beneath her already meagre acting abilities and quit during production).... These people are easily identified by their attention to criticising other reviewers who gave honest reviews of this garbage, to these people I simply say "If you enjoyed this garbage so much and disagree with honest reviews so much then I am sure you will not mind refunding the rest of us the hard earned cash we paid to either watch or buy this cretinous tripe"...

  • When your anti-virus stops working.


    Even before reading the synopsis of this movie you already know that it is going to be about machines going crazy and people being in danger. Some of the things in this movie were taken right out of I, Robot, like how the colour of the visible light on the robot changed from nice blue or green to ominous red. *****Serious Spoilers Here***** The acting in this went from VERY VERY bad to mediocre and a good part of that I blame on the director and the writer. So, here's the premise, you're playing a nice game of soccer or football as our Brit friends would say, with a robot on one of the teams and the robot shoots and kills one of your friends, what do you do? You don't panic but you immediately check on your friend to see if he's alive and maybe someone pulls out his cell and calls for help, right? WRONG, at least according to the script for this movie. Everybody stands around looking at the robot and down at their dead friend and then they just walk away. Can almost hear them saying, "Damn, Frank was such a nice guy, too. Too bad about him dying like that. Anyone think that perhaps his wife might be annoyed with us?" Oh, and let's not forget the main actors for this movie. The "news crew" also just stands around looking at the scene. They keep the cameras rolling of course but do they bother to try and do anything? NOPE. The robot eventually walks away from the situation and the main news reporter (who just graduated from medical school) gets a little closer to the man that's down and stays cool, calm and collected as she pronounces him DEAD. Check for a pulse? Nah, why would you want to do that, might get some blood on you or wreck the nail job you got yesterday. Seriously, did anyone even bother to THINK before they put some of these scenes together? It goes downhill from there. If you do NOT pass on this one, you can't say I didn't warn you.

  • What a waste of time.


    I'm not going to really get into depth about this movie, nor make this a long review. Just know that, it lacks creativity. It really, really sucks. The acting is horrible, the storyline is pointless. Whoever decided to direct this movie didn't try hard enough; whoever came up with this movie should have went back to the drawing board. I made a movie in high-school back in 2004 and it was better than this piece of work. The animations they used were very obvious, not believe able at all. The effects looked sloppy and it look like there was no effort at all. The only believable effects about this whole movie was the camera moving. The end.

  • Quite adequate robot rampage B movie.


    I guess I am not critic enough to slam a movie I haven't even watched like other "reviewers" of this film, so I can tell you I watched all of Robotropolis; not to look for things to gripe about but to take it on its own merits and just have some fun. It's about robots going berserk and killing people - and that is what happens. The CG design and integration into the live action was pretty good, the locations were unusual and interesting, the action kept up a good pace, and it didn't get excessively grisly, though there is some moderately graphic unpleasantness. There were occasional flashes of wit in the dialog and a little inventive camera-work in the chase scenes, but in the end it's a robot rampage movie. Sometimes it's going to be kind of silly. If that's not what you want in a movie, don't watch it. I found it adequately entertaining, it kept my interest and I don't feel I was cheated of my time as I sometimes have with flashier, more expensive movies. Just a decent B movie. Comparisons, they say, are odious and taking it for what it is, not what I think it should have been instead, I think everyone involved did a pretty good job. Some things are just for fun and I liked this fine.

  • Really really awful. Seriously!


    I do love all things sci-fi, and I've been known to tolerate some fairly bad sci-fi B movies, but this was well and truly awful. No plot to speak of or character development, badly written and some pretty terrible acting to boot. It was almost as if someone stumbled upon a child's short story and decided to run with it as a script. It opens with a rescue/recovery type scene which piqued my curiosity and promised something perhaps more interesting and in-depth to come. Unfortunately the opening scene is arguably the high point of the movie. What came after was just a jumble of badly acted live reporting scenes & interviews with a few chases thrown in later on, but overall nothing anyone will not have seen done better in other movies. Trying to write a summary of this movie is actually incredibly difficult as nothing of note actually happened in it. I honestly don't know how or why I sat thru this until the end. You have been warned!!!


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