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Rumors of Wars (2014)

Rumors of Wars (2014)

Ben DaviesJennifer CooperEric RobertsMichael Joiner
Paul Tomborello


Rumors of Wars (2014) is a English movie. Paul Tomborello has directed this movie. Ben Davies,Jennifer Cooper,Eric Roberts,Michael Joiner are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Rumors of Wars (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Rumors of Wars is a film with two converging story-lines, the first one centering around an aspiring college journalist named Roxy (Jennifer Cooper), finds herself searching for answers when she investigates end time prophecies for a term paper. Recording her research in a diary, her findings prove to have more of an impact than she could have ever imagined. Her diary is discovered years later, in the rubble of a post apocalypse society filled with decay and violence. With the truth of what really happened to the world in its pages, the book finds its way into to the hands of an officer, named Shaw (Ben Davies) in the New World Army. But what will he do with this new found truth?


Rumors of Wars (2014) Reviews

  • Ugh...


    Listen, I really hate to be that kind of person to give 'the lone star', but this film is really, really rough. Aside from the wardrobe and make up departments, the rest fell on their faces. The story felt disjointed, the special effects were poor, and the acting...well... Attention Christian film makers. I know you all feel that the message of the story is the most important thing. Well, you are wrong. Sure you need a solid message, but how you communicate that message is more, or at least equal to, the importance of the message itself. If you all insist on using Ben Davies, at least persuade him to invest in some acting lessons. He is so robotic, so unconvincing it seems like he either just got the script the day of filming or has zero life experiences to draw on. One other thing: Stop casting Eric Roberts, period. Look him up on IMDb, as of right now he has 75+ films in progress. He is seriously taking every script that comes across his desk. He has faded into irrelevance because of his poor judgment. He is not a name that will boost your film sales, so just stop...please. On the upside, the supporting cast were all pretty good. But their performances were over shadowed by too many issues.

  • If it's Christian it ought to be better


    The overall message is good. But just like many Christian movies before it the acting isn't great. The audio is also not great at times as well. The sad thing is that many Christian circles will see this movie and think that it's great. when in reality the only good thing about the movie is the message. But guess what, when it comes to movies the message isn't the only thing that makes a good movie. You have to have good actors, a good sounds score, and better effects. All of that will help push the overall message and make people care about what's going on in the movie. Christians should demand better movies then this. If the movie is good then more people will see it. When you make bad movies you can't blame the world for not liking them. The movies should be as good or better then any other non Christian movie that's out there. No one is going to care about the message if the movie is filled with bad actors.

  • As good as most


    I read the previous negative reviews and almost didn't watch because of them, but the problem is those reviews seem to be proffered by people hostile to religion; hostile to Christianity in general. The movie is as good as most Hollywood movies. I mean, look at movies like Avatar; that movie was clearly anti-capitalism, anti-military, and even anti-Western society. So what if Rumors of Wars has an agenda. There really IS some truth to potential conspiracies. Look up Operation Northwood an admitted CIA project that planned to blame terrorist attacks on Cuba so as to launch an invasion. The acting in this movie is as good as most cheesy Hollywood junk, like Dumb and Dumber, Joe Dirt and some of the junk people think is great. Give it a chance.

  • Utter crap


    Bad acting, bad makeup, bad artwork, bag CG, bad story line, forced underlying message...UTTER CRAP. Same yourself the pain and skip this movie! I get that the author wants to share a Christian message but please do a better job with everything else. Let the story progress without forcing the message to merge with the story line. I watched the entire movie...so you don't have to. The random additions of rhetoric and theology messes up the story and creates an unnatural progression. The bizarre conspiracy theories combined with the rampant paranoia is reminiscent of fear mongering.

  • Utter garbage!


    I saw this on Netflix and the plot description sounded interesting and it had 3 stars. Problem was that I missed the "faith & spirituality" in the genre! So the decent ratings were inflated (sorry but religious people forgive a lot of sins in religious movies)and the plot description did not match. The film itself borrows from Animal Farm, 1984 and the post-apocalypse genre without being particularly interesting. The acting is leaden, production shoddy but at least the character development was non-existent! And Eric Roberts.....what were you thinking?


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