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Saroja (2008)

Saroja (2008)

JayaramPrakash RajS.P.B. CharanPremgi Amaren
Venkat Prabhu


Saroja (2008) is a Telugu,Tamil movie. Venkat Prabhu has directed this movie. Jayaram,Prakash Raj,S.P.B. Charan,Premgi Amaren are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Saroja (2008) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Four friends, Jaga, Ganesh, Ajay and Vishwas are motoring to a cricket game. An accident leads them to divert on a side road, where they encounter a criminal gang that has kidnapped a young girl and shot a policeman in front of them.

Saroja (2008) Reviews

  • Splendid...


    Venktat prabhu has done it again. After his chennai 28, he has come out with another movie thats really splendid, i have to say. Characters are comical, but the movie through out is very engaging. People say that the movie is based on another Hollywood flick Judgment Day, but the humor part of it is very Original, which makes it very enjoyable. Yuvan has done a great job. BGM is good. Venkat prabhu, thumps up. The part of he film that was really superb is when one of the character who plays as the TV artist is bumped in his head with a bottle by a gangster is very hilarious. Prakashraj Plays his part superbly. Ten out of ten.

  • Excellent entertainer


    I entered the theater with absolutely no idea about the movie, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The first 20 mins of the movie aimlessly wanders and just when you begin to wonder where the story is heading, Venkat Prabhu takes you on one heck of a Journey. I am not going to reveal any part of the story. But I will say this. Never before have I seen such a perfect comedy thriller. Movies of this genre usually tend to favor comedy and completely ignore the suspense and thriller element. But 'Saroja' is one of those rare beauties that gives a perfect blend of both in just the right dose. Bottom line: Don't miss this one!

  • well a leaf out of various books(read :films) and add them into a beautiful mixture..


    well one of the finest screenplays... and the storyline involves a part of idea ripped of from judgment night[1993] where the lead actors get together to go to a boxing match replaced by the fascination of India in Cricket... The film rolls out with an accident in the National highway and it makes the guys move desperate to reach Hyderabad for a match and even continuous pleading by biggest of boys(literally and age wise)jagpathi is not deterring them... They take a wrong turn in their plight and end up witnessing a murder and the plot and its fangs leads them to rescuing of a young lady and there enters this into end! Although the film is good overall and the amount of humor into some of the most intense scenes has brought a new way of leading thrillers... there are some big gaping holes in the film plot... especially the portrayal of the villain for the most part as stylish and skilled and making him sit thru whole film without him not at all involved on the search operation and no strong reason for his so called behavior is a big mistake on director's characterization and dragging second half with almost fifteen to twenty minutes of extra running could have been done away with... throw up ur tension and want some real few hours of entertainment alone? this could be nice option!


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