Scar (2005)

Scar (2005)

Randy WayneAshley C. NelsonDee WallaceChristopher Le Crenn
Rahil Bhorania


Scar (2005) is a English movie. Rahil Bhorania has directed this movie. Randy Wayne,Ashley C. Nelson,Dee Wallace,Christopher Le Crenn are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Scar (2005) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A woman and a young man find terror when they decide to investigate the murder of a friend.

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  • Argh!


    Ohhh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Terrible, TERRIBLE horror movie! It's senseless crap like this that has single-handedly given the low-budget horror industry such a bad rap. Two dumb, unlikeable high school/college friends are out hiking, one of them is seduced by a cute blonde, then gets killed by her crazy ax-wielding mother. But here's the twist -- THEY'RE BOTH GHOSTS! A year later, the surviving guy and the dead guy's former girlfriend go back up and... well, I don't really care, and neither should you. This movie is an abomination! The story is paper thin, with plot holes you could stick your head through. The characters are completely unsympathetic (not to mention annoying). The ghostly mother and daughter's motives are never explained, and the acting... I really can't say the acting is all that bad BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANY!!! I swear it seems that half the time the male lead was reading his lines straight off the script! The ending makes absolutely NO sense, and, worst of all, the cute blonde ghost-daughter never takes off her bra, making the entire movie totally pointless. STAY AWAY FROM "SCAR"!

  • More terrible low budget horror crap.


    Scar is set in the small town of Wrightwood in Fort Lauderdale where Tom (Randy Wayne) & his friend Jenny (Ashley Nelson) are investigating the death of Zack (Brad Pennington), Tom's best friend & Jenny's boyfriend. Their attention turns to a log cabin in a nearby forest where Zack was killed a year ago, his death is still shrouded in mystery & they hope to discover the truth once & for all. What they find is beyond their imaginations... Co-written & directed by Rahil Bhorania this is a really dull, lifeless & bland ghost story. I wouldn't so much call it a haunted house flick as a haunted log cabin flick which was probably down to the budget as the makers could only afford a small log cabin rather than a proper house! The script by Bhorania & Stephen Goetsch drags on for what feels like forever, it drags badly with an extremely thin storyline which would struggle to fill out an episode of Tales from the Crypt (1989 - 1996) & even if it did manage to fill out an episode it would still be rubbish. You don't care about anyone or anything, it's so slow it becomes a real chore to sit through. There's a distinct lack of action or dramatic incident too, virtually nothing happens for long stretches & it really started to test my patience. The dialogue is poor & forgettable, the character's are dull & the story is utterly lifeless. This is the sort of film where the budget dictates what happens rather than the script, one to avoid. Director Bhorania doesn't do anything special, the camera remains fairly static & it's pretty much point & shoot stuff. At least it doesn't go down the route of shaky hand held camera movements & quick cut editing but that's hardly any recommendation on it's own. Forget about any gore because there isn't any apart from a bit of fake blood, certainly nothing to get you gore lovers out there excited. It's not scary, the plot has plenty of holes, there's no tension or atmosphere & a really rubbish ending too. With a supposed budget of about $500,000 the film is alright if you take the ultra low budget into account otherwise it's awful. How the makers manged to convince Dee Wallace from films such as 10 (1979), The Howling (1981), E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Cujo (1983) & Critters (1986) to appear in this I will never know. Low budget film veteran Joe Estevez (uncle of Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen & Renee Estevez as well as brother of Martin Sheen) has a small role as the local Sheriff. Scar is the sort of dull, forgettable & downright lifeless low budget horror film that didn't do anything for me at all. I seriously doubt most people will find anything remotely enjoyable in this, there are much better films out there.

  • I wanted to like this, but...


    (written September 2006) Sadly this just is not any good at all. Another low budget horror flick that's not worth your time unless you eat this stuff up. The story looked interesting and original from the back of the box, so I popped it in, eager for a good suspense/thriller movie. But no, it's not good, at all, and if you put it in expecting a good movie then you will be thoroughly disappointed. The acting is bad all around, especially Tom (Randy Wayne), who can't manage to put any real feeling into anything he does, or, even worse, Fred (Paul Darrigo), who's horrible "acting" was actually enough to make me cringe in embarrassment. The plot goes nowhere, and the whole 'mystery' is absolutely ridiculous when it's revealed near the end. The blood mostly looks fake, but there is some good gore (albeit the fact that it's pointless and does not help the story at all). I can't even say this movie was a fun experience, except for Jenny (Ashley Nelson), who was a decent actor at most, and very good looking. Served as something to look at, especially since she was often clad in short shorts or tight white T-shirts. Probably the only redeeming factor of this film.

  • A complete waste of time


    Here we go again. As if there ain't enough crappy movies out there. This is an insult to the movie industry and to all the viewers. It should be considered a felony to release material such as this. The cast is unskilled & awful. Seems like there's no budget what so ever and the film crew is a bunch of voluntaries working for free. The story is thin, the sound quality horrible. Sometimes it's very hard to understand what the main characters are saying, but this is not due to the poor sound only to the actors/actresses - they are mumbling. Had to turn it off and rest after a while, my brain couldn't take more of this punishment. This movie is a bad joke. I'll never get this 1½ hour back! People! You have been warned.

  • Ghastly


    First of all, there are several movies called SCAR. This is one from 2005 and it is best avoided. A young man and woman visit a remote wooded location right out of EVIL DEAD to try and figure out who killed the guy's buddy the year before. There they encounter mother and daughter ghosts. Throw in a nasty sheriff (Estevez) and a wacky local hotel owner (Wallace) to ease the boredom and stupidity of it all. Incredibly badly acted and scripted. It is embarrassing to see the wonderful Dee Wallace in this, although she gives it what little bit of class it has. And I assume she wouldn't be in it if she had had a better offer at the time.


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