Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018)

Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018)

Ting-hu ZhangSing HomHe-Hsuan LinMimi Chu
Kuan-Hui Lin


Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018) is a Chinese movie. Kuan-Hui Lin has directed this movie. Ting-hu Zhang,Sing Hom,He-Hsuan Lin,Mimi Chu are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Xiaogin transferred to the third school during his fifth year at high school. During the winter vacation, his grandparents tricked him into returning to the hotel which was founded by his parents. Xiaogin's classmates Little Princess and Lu Qun tagged along uninvited to escape being bullied at school. While the three boys were temporarily staying at Xiaogin's family hotel, they quickly found out that the hotel was in terrible shape and was also haunted. Xiaogin and his friends have developed an extremely close friendship while they are trying to step closer to the truth. Will they find out the secret that hides underneath the steaming hot springs?


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Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018) Reviews

  • Secrets in the Hot Spring: The next level of goofy


    The marketing for Secrets in the Hot Spring clearly failed miserably because at time of writing the film has less than 50 ratings on IMDB and zero reviews. I am breaking the cherry and telling you about this obscure little Taiwanese comedy horror. It's such a strange little film, it tells the story of a young man who goes to visit his late parents hotel now run by his grandparents. In tow are two of his friends (And I use that term loosely) and they discover the property might be haunted. It's brand of humor is a strange one, namely it's very very camp and the whole movie comes across rather homo-erotic considerably throughout. Taking a step back and looking at the film I do not think that was even remotely intentional either. The film has its laughs, but most are so silly and childish they'll appeal to children yet the horror is certainly not appropriate for them. For this reason the movie falls into a very strange limbo where I'm not sure who the demographic is! Most of the movies characters are deeply annoying which is exacerbated by the previously mentioned puerile comedy. It's an odd little film and it's not bad, it's just excessively goofy and I have no idea who it was really made for. The Good: Some funny moments The Bad: A lot of it gets real old real fast Just plain silly Annoying characters Things I Learnt From This Movie: I've never used a hot spring and would like to rectify that! Woolen knee pads and fingerless mittens are adorable and need to be a thing for all girls

  • I laugh so much! Hahaha


    A weird and super funny movie of comedy and horror? Hahahaha. I really enjoyed this one and would like a sequel! \o/

  • Didn't expect it


    It was holesome, funny, and absolutely going on the great movie shelf. I wouldn't say it's 100% original by any means, but it does give a new spin on creating character development that I'd like to see more of! Gimme a sequel!!!

  • Tiresome Taiwanese teen film


    Having found many interesting and entertaining Asian movies on Netflix, I decided to give this particular one a look, even though teen movies in general don't really interest me. Sadly, I thought the movie was for the most part a misfire. It's a really strange movie, even by Asian comedy standards, and initially the extremely wild and goofy tone does grab your attention. And I admit that there were a few mildly amusing moments here and there. But for the most part, I watched the movie with a stony face. To be fair, the movie seems to be aimed at a Taiwanese audience instead of a western audience, which may explain why this western viewer didn't seem to understand a number of plot elements and attempts at humor. But most of the movie is played out in an "international" slapstick way, and I simply didn't find this humor funny. Also, much of the humor aimed at a gay character borders on being homophobic. Even worse is that the movie is dragged out to about 108 minutes in length; it could definitely have been wrapped up in much less time. The production values are good, and the actors are very likable, which does save the movie from getting the lowest rating. But all the same, I'd recommend you skip the movie, even if you are Taiwanese.

  • Successfully made ticklish bone from start to finish!!


    Wow!,me,my wife and our 3 kids enjoyed the movie from start to finish...brilliant directing,many funny and hillarious scenes..good job Taiwan film industry!..highly recommended..go see it,don't expect an oscar,just enjoy the laugh!

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