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Seed (2017)

Seed (2017)

Andrew Wonder


Seed (2017) is a English movie. Andrew Wonder has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Seed (2017) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

Seed tells the story of the new American Dream, where innovators from around the world come to Silicon Valley with the hope of turning their ideas into billion dollar valuations. Follow a Palestinian Uber Driver, three Silicon Valley high school kids and five college students from Nairobi as they compete in a high profile hackathon for the seed money they need to turn their dreams into reality.


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Seed (2017) Reviews

  • Intense documentary, debatable topic


    "Seed" follows several groups of fresh computer specialists as they try to win at an event created to connect start-ups with potential investors. They originate from all over the world and undergo a training, in which they are skilled to improve their presentations and convince the audience of their idea. The documentary itself manages well to create a gripping climax. Even though you can discuss, whether the movie doesn't follow the event all too enthusiastically, without questioning its ambivalent function and structure, I still enjoyed how more personal sequences were woven into this business-event. The producers proved a large set of filmmaking skills that really makes you wonder, whose idea will work out in the end and which turns the lives of the protagonists will take. The content, however, is highly questionable in my opinion. When I see how people get criticized for having a personal life, how children are drilled to bring parents the marks they didn't have, how people sacrifice their lives to the economy, it makes me wonder if this is really what life should be about. Maybe that's just the way it is and the reason why I am not a successful businessman, but it feels strange and rather sad to see people encouraging others to forget themselves. All in all it was an interesting insight into one of the models that characterizes modern economy, though. A documentary that helps you understand how things work in the industry and that makes you think.


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