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She Wants Me (2012)

She Wants Me (2012)

Aaron YooAlex SolowitzBrennan MurrayBrian Kubach
Rob Margolies


She Wants Me (2012) is a English movie. Rob Margolies has directed this movie. Aaron Yoo,Alex Solowitz,Brennan Murray,Brian Kubach are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. She Wants Me (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

If you mixed Ferris Bueller in a blender with Alvy Singer (Woody Allen in "Annie Hall") and Larry David, the result would be SAM BAUM (Josh Gad). He's a lovable, quirky, neurotic NY native, living in LA with his beautiful girlfriend, Sammy (Kristen Ruhlin). A girl he knows how lucky he is to have in his life, since she was previously married to John: a, tall, fit, gorgeous, extremely successful Harvard med school graduate, who she's remained cordial with. Before Sammy, Sam hasn't had much success, romantically. He's an emerging filmmaker with one feature film under his belt that nobody's heard of. And she's an aspiring actress, aching for her big break, which may never come, unless Sam offers her the female lead in his next project, which he does... the night before one of the hottest, most in demand actresses working today, Kim Powers (Hilary Duff), expresses interest in playing the role. Sam wears his heart on his sleeve and has always been honest with Sammy, but now he's caught in ...


She Wants Me (2012) Reviews

  • Entertaining and funny movie!


    This is just my opinion but after watching a screener of this movie, I found myself thoroughly enjoying it and I even laughed out loud a handful of times. I was skeptical at first about whether I wanted to give this type of movie 85 minutes of my life, now I'm glad I did. I can see why Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, and the other famous actors would do this movie. It's different and more sentimental than most of the movies they are frequently doing. I'd recommend this movie to most movie goers out there, but mainly for a high school or more youthful audience. They will get a kick out of the witty writing and comedy that Josh Gad provides.

  • Best Movie I saw since January


    First Off- I don't usually review or vote. So that's why I didn't give it a 10. Perfection is un- human. I don't see a lot of movies but i went with a friend who had to drag me to go and i only went because it was a free ticket. That being said; I was pleasantly surprised. Knew Josh Gad from Love and Other Drubs and The Rocker. Not a fan. I found him to be annoying and a huge over actor. However, in this movie he is brought down to reality with his girlfriend's performance, and I was really surprised by his performance. I had never seen Johnny Messner or Kristen Ruhlin before this film, I can say I am now fans of them. I knew Hilary Duff and Charlie Sheen (not impressed by any standard) but these are A list people so that was interesting to see them in this. I knew the True Blood girl, and think she's great in that. Obviously I know Newman from Seinfeld, he was typically funny in this. It was funny like any romantic comedy, Knocked Up, has raunchy jokes, and this is packed with raunchy jokes for guys. However, it does have some heartfelt, moments with real emotion at times thanks to the main girl keeping the movie from being your typical straight to DVD flick. Having some strong independent actors like her and Melonie Diaz really made it worth while to recommend for me. Hilary Duff gave a good performance and looks amazing in the movie. Maybe the best I've ever seen her. Just really pretty. My vote is to check it out. If anything you'll walk away with a smile on your face and possibly surprised at some new performances.

  • Better than expected, loud out loud funny


    I'd definitely recommend. It's a lot of fun! I DO NOT understand IMDb user ratings. This deserves to be much higher! It says that the weighed average is a 7.8 but the score is a lot lower. Very harsh for such a movie that deserves to be seen for a unique yet fun cinematic experience. I was fortunate enough to of had the opportunity to attend the premiere of SHE WANTS ME. The theater was pretty much full and the entire audience laughed out loud at least 15 or so times. I wasn't counted, but I know it was well over 10 times. Most of the humor comes from Josh Gad's character especially when he is dealing with his girlfriend's ex-husband (played by Johnny Messner). Messner has a lot of credits, but was a relative new face to me. He did a good job, but his character did have the best lines, so I guess most of the credit should be given to the scribe. Charlie Sheen has about 3.5 scenes in the movie, totaling about 6 to 7 of the 85 minute running time. Hilary Duff was in 6 scenes, totaling about 12 to 15 minutes or so I'd say. And Newman from Seinfeld (Wayne Knight) was in 2 scenes, totaling about 6 minutes I'd say. Debra Jo Rupp (Mom from That 70's show) was in pretty much every scene with Wayne Knight. They were funny and it was even funnier seeing the rapping granny from Wedding Singer and Wedding Crashers was in this movie too!

  • She Wants Me Premiere


    I have been following this movie for a while now and was happy to get tickets and see it with a few friends. It's an independent film filled with funny jokes, heartfelt performances and big stars. I'm a big Duff fan, so I was happy to see more than just a cameo of her. She was in it a lot more than I thought she would be. Same goes for Charlie Sheen, he was in it a lot more than I thought too. Funny, cute moments. It's not like the most original or mind blowing film but it's good. The acting ranges from what you would expect cheesy typical to more real and natural. Sammy and the rebound girlfriend were my favorite characters in the film and I have never seen them before. Hilary was pretty good and natural in this movie too, much more than I had seen in the past. She was the prettiest too.The others like John and Sam are pretty typical cheese ball humor but overall it had a good balance for this kind of movie. The improv was pretty hilarious too!!

  • Kristen Ruhlin is a name to watch


    Kristen Ruhlin, the star of this movie opposite Josh Gadd, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in her looks and talent. I can see her appearing in Vogue and becoming a major figure on the movie scene before too long. I had the pleasure of working with her when she was first starting out and found her a joy to work with; one of the nicest and most considerate people I have ever met. This is another quality she shares with the late Audrey Hepburn: thorough professionalism and an exceptional ability to work well with other people. Like Hepburn, she never wears her ego on her sleeve. In a profession notorious for bad behavior and artificial attitudes, she is a genuine talent who saves all the drama for her on screen performances.


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