Shifting Gears (2018)

Shifting Gears (2018)

Brooke LangtonC. Thomas HowellJohn RatzenbergerM. Emmet Walsh
Jason Winn


Shifting Gears (2018) is a English movie. Jason Winn has directed this movie. Brooke Langton,C. Thomas Howell,John Ratzenberger,M. Emmet Walsh are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Shifting Gears (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Family,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Tom, an over-worked husband and father, abandons his dead-end job to follow his dream of owning his own business. The only problem: he invested everything in a mechanic shop that has a lien in favor of his arch enemy and must now enter a dirt track race to win the prize money and save his family from ruin.

Shifting Gears (2018) Reviews

  • Funny, heartwarming


    "Shifting Gears" is a fun, family-friendly, and touching film. Terrific cast. Adam Hicks shined as the youngest Williamson, the sincere, loveable teenager whose relationship with his father Tom drives much of the story. R. Keith Harris's performance is enjoyable whether he is provoking tears or laughter. C. Thomas Howell offered timely comedic moments while John Ratzenberger was a convincing nemesis, quite the opposite of gentle, fun-loving Cliff. Emmet Walsh was perfect for the Cheerwine-soaked-snuff-spitting bench-sitting man of mystery, and Brooke Langton was just right for the role of Carol, Tom's wife, bringing wisdom and warmth, keeping us, and her husband, grounded. The car racing scenes were authentic, if a bit too sparse. The engine sounds could have been amplified a bit more. Occasionally, serious material was treated with a bit of comedic effect that came across as out of place, as with the "Eat My Dust," "Kiss My Grits" verbal father-son sparing, a critical moment in their relationship that called for something a bit less silly-sounding. All in all, though, an enjoyable, feel good movie for everyone.

  • Awesome


    Great family fun movie Great actors, really funny and I enjoyed watching it!

  • Who is the Old Man at the Bench???


    Lol the say The Old Man at the Bench for ONE reason. He is threw the Movie he is in a SCRUFFY BREARD, KIND OF CRUMPY, SITS ON A BENCH AND STUFF IN FRONT OF THE GAS STATION THREW THE MOVIE. (What I LOVED they picked E.Emmet.Walsh (Hank) for that small part. Pretty cool but Wondered why he was in this Film. It was a Low RATED FILM but as I watched this FILM. I fell more and more in LOVE with this FILM. And when it came DOWN to the complete ending the Last 5 Minutes MUST a Laugh and A TEAR. E. Emmet.Walsh had me a LAUGHING and he was a CRAZY, WACKY, DADDIO LETTING PEOPLE KNOW WHO THE HELL HE IS. AND STILL A CHICK MAGNET LOL. THE ENDING WAS AWESOME. THIS IS WHY I LOVE MOVIES. YOU DON'T JUDGE IT JUST SHUT UP AND WATCH IT. OH YA AND DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY KNOW THEM. That is Awesome Oh and ONE more thing I Loved about this FILM. Now it might sound STUPID but something small. "CELLPHONES WERE USED IN ONLY ONE SENCE, NOT IN EVERY OTHER SENCE." Great Movie it is a must WATCH FILM.


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