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Shrek Forever After (2010)

Shrek Forever After (2010)

Mike MyersCameron DiazEddie MurphyAntonio Banderas
Mike Mitchell


Shrek Forever After (2010) is a English movie. Mike Mitchell has directed this movie. Mike Myers,Cameron Diaz,Eddie Murphy,Antonio Banderas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Shrek Forever After (2010) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The once hideous ogre Shrek (Mike Myers) is now living a good life with wife Fiona (Cameron Diaz) and his three children. But he soon has a meltdown in front of them and his friends during his kids' birthday party. He suddenly wants to be a real ogre like he was before he ever met Fiona. So he turns to devious dealmaker Rumpelstiltskin (Walt Dohrn) for help. At first, Shrek lives the life he once lost and everything is good. But he soon finds out that he has been set up by Rumpelstiltskin, who now rules the land with an iron fist. Teaming with friends Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Fiona, and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), Shrek is in for the fight of his life as he tries to get his life back before time runs out.


Shrek Forever After (2010) Reviews

  • Best Shrek Forever


    Best Shrek. It is a special movie, one of the best movies of all-time. It is a masterpiece on par with the mona lisa. What is so masterful about Shrek is its ambiguity. We never are certain if Shrek really did believe in the values that he professed. At the same time that he sets himself up as above the world, he longs for the affection of the common people. This is symbolized by his exploitative, and patronizing love for a chorus girl, Fiona. Her character is given a paper-thin characterization, the closest thing to a flaw in a perfect movie. Despite the film's pessimistic outlook, it is studded by moments of joy, beauty and emotional truth. The supporting cast of characters, most of them regulars from Wells' Mercury Theater are also superb. So many scenes in this movie linger forever in the memory, one is left with a stirring vision of the frailty of the human condition, the film gives us no easy answers and while being fiercely critical of many of it's characters is universal in it's compassion and sympathy, this is perhaps the most vital ingredient for great art. It's influence, was immediate, incalculable and mostly unacknowledged, the film was a box office and critical failure due to Hearst's efforts and it was not until years later that this film got the respect it deserved. Nowadays there is not one living film director of serious artistic intent that has not been deeply influenced by Shrek 4ever after. It's not just a masterpiece it's a creative touchstone.

  • Underrated Animation


    On the day that Shrek rescued the cursed Princess Fiona from the tower where she was kept prisoner of the dragon, her parents King Harold and the Queen were ready to sign a contract with the cunning Rumpelstiltskin delivering the kingdom Far Far Away to him. On the present days, Shrek feels bored with Fiona, his family and friends and near a breakdown, and he misses the years when he was a terrifying ogre. Rumpelstiltskin overhears a discussion between Shrek and Fiona and meets Shrek, offering a deal to make he feels a frightening ogre again. In return, Shrek should deliver one day of his childhood to Rumpelstiltskin. Shrek is lured and Far Far Away is distorted under the reign of the tricky Rumpelstiltskin. Now Shrek misses his family and friends and has to win Fiona's heart again to save Far Far Away, his friends and himself. I have just watched "Shrek Forever After" and my expectations were very low, based on the IMDb user's rating and a couple of reviews that I had glanced. However I liked this underrated animation a lot, which has a good story with many hilarious moments. Once again, Donkey "steals the movie" and this character has been for years the best role of the wasted Eddy Murphy. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Shrek para Sempre" ("Shrek Forever After")

  • Didn't capture the magic of the first two. But better than the 3rd Installment.


    I saw "Shrek Forever After" on special screenings and I really hoped it would live up to the first 2 films. But at the end of the day, it wasn't as good or magical. I kind of felt disappointed because even though the Third Installment was bad I was hoping they went back and recognize their mistakes. But this movie does have its strong points, it was quite funny and entertaining. There were moments in there that felt like the first two films, and overall it is a very enjoyable ride that even though it doesn't live quite up to the first two films. It is worth your money just to have fun with it. 7.2/10 I'd recommend people to see this film, but don't go in it with HIGH expectations.

  • Nowehere near the level of quality from the first and second films, but entertaining


    Almost a decade ago, the film Shrek left many people amazed (including me) with its extraordinary animation and a hilarious parody of some famous fairy-tales (specially the Disney interpretations of them), without neglecting the creation of memorable characters and honest emotions.Shrek 2 was also excellent, but it was a bit below the level from the first film.Then, in 2007, Shrek the Third was a desperate attempt to have the magic from the first two films; the result was mediocre, and a big declination from the first two films.Now, we have Shrek Forever After, and even though it is far from reaching the level from Shrek 1 and 2, it kept me entertained, and I think it represents an improvement on the third film. What I mostly liked from Shrek Forever After is that screenwriters Josh Klausner and Darren Lemke followed the evolution from Shrek in a natural way.In the first film, we saw the change in Shrek's life when he first fell in love; in the second one, he had to face the responsibilities from adult life; in the third one, he faced the insecurities of the paternity; and now, the ogre feels overwhelmed by the family routine and he misses the liberty from his youth, which is a subject that is a bit more mature to what we are accustomed to see on an animated film. However, I found various fails in Shrek Forever After, specially in the fact that the screenplay is not very ingenious.Its handling of the humor keeps being based on songs, characters and events from popular culture, but that does not feel as fresh and irreverent as it had felt on the first Shrek; in fact it feels a bit tiring now, because of the large number of animated films which have used that strategy.However, there are good moments of humor in the interaction between the characters; I particularly liked the character of Puss in Boots; most of the laughs I had while watching this movie came from that character.Good work, Antonio Banderas.Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about Eddie Murphy, one of my favorite comedians, whose contribution to the other movies had been among the best elements from them.However, I felt his voice acting in Shrek Forever After to be forced and listless.The rest of the cast made a decent work, but nobody particularly stood out. But the whole experience from Shrek Forever After is not highly memorable, and one of the best things I can say about it is that it avoided to fall into some irritating mistakes from the third film (even though that does not exempt it to have its own fails).However, I think I can recommend Shrek Forever After because it kept me entertained...however, it is very far away from reaching the magic from the first two films.

  • James Stewart's '' It's a wonderful life'' meets Shrek


    I went to see this film last night (FRIDAY 9th July 2010) and laughed out loud for the first time in heaven knows how long. I thought the animation and personification of the characters, facial expressions were far better than any film made recently . Walt Dohrn, as Rumplestilskin had a suitably peevish and vindictive expression to his voice. While all the other usual cast were well on form. There was as always a moral to the story and Shrek's philosophical reflection to Fiona at the end cleverly turns the tables on our previous ideas of the film . This is far better than Shrek 3, a laugh out loud film that does n't fail to deliver a feel-good response . It 's a James Stewart 'It's a wonderful life' meets Shrek. Loved it .


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