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Solis (2018)

Solis (2018)

Steven OggAlice LoweSid PhoenixHenry Douthwaite
Carl Strathie


Solis (2018) is a English movie. Carl Strathie has directed this movie. Steven Ogg,Alice Lowe,Sid Phoenix,Henry Douthwaite are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Solis (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

When Troy Holloway wakes up to find himself trapped aboard a drifting escape pod shooting towards the Sun he quickly realises the true terror of his situation. With rapid oxygen depletion and a burn- up rate of 90 minutes, Commander Roberts leads a rescue party to save Holloway before time runs out. Having recently lost his son and now confronted by his immediate end, Holloway feels less enthusiastic about survival. But Roberts, speaking to him only through a weak radio transmission, is determined to save his life, and both soon learn that the lives they have both lived influence each other in unexpected ways.


Solis (2018) Reviews

  • Not a bad first full-length feature film by UK's Carl Strathie


    This is Carl Strathie's 7th film he's written and directed - all shorts, this being his first full length feature film. This is not a big budget Hollywood blockbuster production, and thus I'll rate it accordingly as a low budget international film by a amateur film maker. I will say that Steven Ogg's performance was excellent considered he lacked direction from a seasoned director. The S/VFX although rudimentary, was actually decent with beautiful cinematography inside the capsule and of the sun. The score was too loud and annoyingly excessive for the most part. Carl Strathie's directing was really good, capturing some tense moments, but his writing is still stuck in the 'short film' mode. This film had overly extended scenes that dragged on way too long. The pacing was also way to slow. The length of 92 mins for this film needed to be edited down and sped up the pace to a maximum of 60-70 mins. Had this film been substantially edited down to a short film, it would have been a winner. Nevertheless, still not bad for his first attempt, but could have been much better if Carl stuck to the directing, and passed his story onto a seasoned screenwriter who could have filled in the blanks. Would I see it again? No. Would I recommend it? Only to die-hard sci-fi fans that have nothing better to watch on a Sunday afternoon. No worthy of all the 1/10 haters, and not even close to the fake 10/10's, but certainly worthy of a 6/10.

  • No end! 90mins of my life I won't get back.


    Well this an ok film, but it missed a whole bunch of tricks and twists- like what was being tested when the accident happened, what happened to the prototype sun suits mentioned at the beginning... They would have been handy at the end, and what was the true status of conditions aboard the Hathor. Why spend the whole time trying to speak to the commander when there was apparently nothing significant to say to him and finally, when connected home at last...( In the middle of a rescue manoeuvre really???) again apparently have nothing to say! The worst thing though is that there is no ending. The film builds to a rescue attempt and just stops in the middle of it! Yes the filming was good, effects great but insufficient story and lack of any kind of closure means that this is an hour 30min of my life I won't get back.

  • Yawn


    Storyline, Script 1, the most important part and exciting part, the Accident that caused this, and how they got into the Escape Pod, got left on the cutting room (editing room) floor. Kind of like making a movie about the HMS Titanic and NOT showing Events leading up to the Accident, and the Accident. Science 2, Intensive Gravity of the Sun, plus the explosive force throwing the escape pod towards the Sun, means half the time of the entire movie. Being a U.S. Military Officer trained and experienced Career Field Nuclear (Weapons) Physics and Physiology, Missiles, and some training with NASA, the amounts of Radiation as X Rays, Ultra Violet (UV), Gamma, Microwaves, would have roasted them inside the escape pod and Rescue Spacecraft long before the outside of the escape pod even heated up. The Earth 93,000,000 Miles away from the Sun. still must have the Magnetosphere to stop lethal exposure to Radiation from the Sun. Entertainment Value, Action 4. Almost fell asleep numerous times. Movie could have been done in 15 minutes, real time, considering speed going to the Sun.

  • Slow burn baby, slow burn.


    Solis. This movie covers old ground in a new way. You can't help but feel for Holloway's desperation as his life pod hurtles thru space towards the sun. From the outset Holloway gives off an air of brashness but that literally dissolves as his plight becomes all too clear to him. I found this movie to be a real 'slow burn' as the story progresses and grips with the voice of Alice Lowe being the glimmer of hope that underlines the despondency felt. Yes this is low budget but the production values are very high and give that it's sci-fi, the story is so very 'human' that it negates the need for CGI on a blockbuster scale as that would distract from the narrative. Solis. Well worth watching!

  • Good low budget fodder


    Some people too critical. It was a good film with some tense moments.

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