Sorry for Your Loss (2018)

Sorry for Your Loss (2018)

Justin BarthaBruce GreenwoodInbar LaviSandrine Holt
Collin Friesen


Sorry for Your Loss (2018) is a English movie. Collin Friesen has directed this movie. Justin Bartha,Bruce Greenwood,Inbar Lavi,Sandrine Holt are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Sorry for Your Loss (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Ken Wall is quietly miserable in his life. He hates his job in marketing for a small brewery and especially hates his boss, Richard. Ken and his wife Lori have just had their first child, a still-unnamed son. Lori has postpartum depression in addition to having some new-mom physical issues, but is still doing all the proverbial lifting in parenting as Ken has not taken to the father role. Amid this turmoil, Ken reluctantly heads back to his hometown, Winnipeg, Manitoba upon the news that his father Andy, from whom he's been estranged ever since his parents' divorce, has died from an aneurysm. Ken plans to get in and out of Winnipeg as soon as possible, but while there he meets two others in Andy's regular golf foursome: Vince Kendall and Jeff Steadman; Vince is the lawyer handling Andy's will, and Jeff is the executor of his will. Ken learns that he gets the entire undisclosed amount of Andy's estate and then learns that the amount is sizable. Lori wants the money as a trust fund for ...


Sorry for Your Loss (2018) Reviews

  • Well it is not a bad movie ,, that's the best i can say.


    So the movie's genre supposed to be comedy/drama .. saw a lot of mediocre level of drama and not that funny of stressful comedy. I actually expected a lot from Justin Bartha but he didn't really show up ,, i liked his engaging and his dull, i hate this new life face .. but that was it i kinda expected him to put more into the dark comedy .. Bruce Greenwood surprisingly did much better. The plot was a bit distracting ,, not original at all watch Due Date (2010) for Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis ,, man that was a "dad's ashes" comedy .. now you can compare this to that ,, but still they could have been a bit more original and twist the story some how or spice it up with more comedy. final thought .. I wouldn't think of watching if i'd known it would be like htis.

  • Unexpected


    Don't expect must. None of the characters are likeable. I really wanted to enjoy this movie. I was sadly disappointed. Watch if you have time to kill.

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