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Ssonda (2007)

Ssonda (2007)

Seong-jin KangHang-Seon JangWoo-seong KamSoo-Ro Kim
Jeong-woo Park


Ssonda (2007) is a Korean movie. Jeong-woo Park has directed this movie. Seong-jin Kang,Hang-Seon Jang,Woo-seong Kam,Soo-Ro Kim are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Ssonda (2007) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

After Park Man-su's wife asks for a divorce, the conservative salesman decides that he'll no longer play by the rules. Though a series of mishaps, Man-su becomes an unwitting fugitive from justice.

Ssonda (2007) Reviews

  • Refreshing different


    I admit that I haven't had (yet) an extremely wide look at Korean cinema, but I have seen enough Korean films to know that they often don't play by the rules or typical conventions, this movie being one example of this. I guess officially it is a comedy. but it gets darker and darker as it moves along, and has an ending that probably won't please a number of viewers. (Though I personally didn't mind the ending.) Also, there are a few moments where it seems that important linking footage is missing that would have made things a little more clear. One other thing that might throw off viewers is that you really have to know a lot about Korean history and culture to appreciate some of the gags and character actions. But even if you don't have that knowledge, the movie is still worth a look. As I indicated earlier, it doesn't really follow any formula, so you won't be sure what will happen next at any moment. Some of the humor is amusing regardless of what culture or knowledge that you have. And the performances are also well done. If you are not looking for the same old thing once again, and are prepared for a package that won't always go the way that you want it to be, I say give this movie a look.

  • great actors trying to make it work...terrible script


    Oriental cinema often falls in this kind of "all predictable" movies which refresh many old ideas from american cinema. This is the case, the script is a tedious sequence of very predictable and uninteresting situations. The actors do their best, the cast is fantastic! but there is no originality, no fun at all. A waste of time and very long...


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