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Sucker (2015)

Sucker (2015)

John LucLily SullivanTimothy SpallJacek Koman
Ben Chessell


Sucker (2015) is a English movie. Ben Chessell has directed this movie. John Luc,Lily Sullivan,Timothy Spall,Jacek Koman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Sucker (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

When Chinese-Australian teenager Lawrence fails his high-school exams because of cheating, destroying his dreams of a medical degree, he's banished to the country for the summer. There, he meets a conman the Professor and his cynical daughter Sarah, and learns that even the sneakiest scam can't conjure up love.

Sucker (2015) Reviews

  • Simple, refined, and humorous drama


    Sucker is, in some ways, a subtle coming-of-age film. It explores stereotypes, love, and perhaps most importantly, self-discovery. That's not to say that this is an solemnly serious film - there are plenty of comedic moments that exploit cultural norms and realities. Lawrence's (John Luc) journey with con-artist The Professor (Timothy Spall) and Sarah is, for the most part, exciting and edited skillfully enough to not be mundane. The film has excellent visual direction with camera angles and cuts all chosen cautiously and adeptly. Nonetheless there are some problems with pacing. At 90 minutes, the film feels a tad too rushed. As a result, both the story and the characters are not fleshed out as much as they could have been. For what Sucker is aiming to achieve, however, in terms of its thematic simplicity, the running time is not that significant an issue. I do feel however that another 15 minutes would have given the film more closure. Internet sensation Mychonny's debut on the big screen is definitely worth a watch. It's a simple but relatable story elevated by a wonderful cast and a pleasing tonal consistency.

  • Ehhh, Okay I guess...


    This is the type of movie that you would watch once and never again. It was as if the actors were really stiff and didn't play a natural role, leading us viewers wondering why the heck don't they just act normal!? Acting is very average and screenplay quite stale. The story line is okay, but probably could have not been so predictable. From the very beginning you already knew how the movie will play out. John Luc doesn't fit the charter too well at all. It was really cringe worthy and so many times i just wanted to turn off the movie but i stuck it out. However, did love that it was filmed in Australia. Well done for that. Lets just hope they don't make a follow up of this movie! Overall, it's an okay movie that could have been better?

  • Great Example of Media Ecology


    First and for clarification I am not from Australia and therefore I am disinclined to give this film a wonderful glowing review comparing it to Star Wars, Return of the Force. But special thanks to the cast and crew for trying this anyway. Now that we have that misconception dealt with, I will say that this film reminds me of the discussion on Media Ecology that the late Professor McLuhan used to give. The idea is to do the best you can with every opportunity to present media (entertainment) because society as a whole has to consume what is produced and you do not want to feed junk into the collective psyche. This film is ecological, that is, it never pretends to be more than it is is. It is an indie low-budget little drama that essentially stars a trio of 3 actors and tries to sustain full screen length. It succeeds but only barely. There are too many boring stretches and too many spots where you think to yourself, I wish the screenwriter had done THAT instead of THAT, it would have been a much better movie. For the first few minutes, you actually think you have found an Aussie Ferris Bueller. And then you realize, no way.

  • Fine but not great


    I saw this as part of AACTA screenings. I was neither pleased nor disappointed by this movie. The movie is based on a comedy stage show. I found issues with this as it was not particularly well structured. This movie shows a good sized budget with the fine cast with Timothy Spall doing his schtick. Spall is good but too much of a caricature to be believable, he pulls out some of his older pieces from Potter, Willows et al, the problem I had was that as a conman you should not see him coming, he needs to be believable instead he is a larger than life parody. The principle character, Lawrence, is supposed to grow if it is a coming of age. Other than the final act he seemed totally out of his depth until he suddenly became a master card shark. This movie needed development. There was stuff about con artists not having friends but I needed to see the loneliness of this life. The cons looked a bit high school, I can understand the opening as Lawrence learns but he needed to be en pointe by the end.



    Lawrence (John Luc) is a teen from a Chinese family living in Australia. He has taken up with a con artist and his daughter who he finds attractive. He teaches Lawrence the art of the con, using truisms like "You can't cheat and honest man" to justify the scams. This is a light Australian drama/comedy that was mildly clever and entertaining. In addition to learning about cons, Lawrence gets a valuable lesson about life. Not "The Sting" or "Brothers Bloom" but enjoyable nonetheless. From IMDB: "The film is the adaptation of comedian/actor Lawrence Leung's critically acclaimed award-winning one-man theater show SUCKER. The original live show was a critical and sell-out success at the Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Sydney Opera House." Guide: No F-words, sex, or nudity.


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