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Terry the Tomboy (2014)

Terry the Tomboy (2014)

Lia Marie JohnsonKelsy AbbottEric AcostaNoland Ammon
Wade Randolph


Terry the Tomboy (2014) is a English movie. Wade Randolph has directed this movie. Lia Marie Johnson,Kelsy Abbott,Eric Acosta,Noland Ammon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Terry the Tomboy (2014) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

A visit to the doctor confirms that the worst has happened: Terry is crushing on her new neighbor Brett. With help from her best friend and not-so-secret admirer, Duncanty, Terry attempts to overcome her unfortunate condition. When she realizes girly-girl Brittanica is vying for Brett's attention, Terry needs to make a decision. Will she comb her hair and grow up or be herself and chow down at the county fair?


Terry the Tomboy (2014) Reviews

  • Great Movie


    It's tough to make a movie from a popular 5 minute sketch characters, but Nick did it with Terry the Tomboy. In fact, the movie is better than the TTT sketches. The movie includes a few faces that will be familiar to Nick fans including Tiffany Espensen who played Piper Peckinpah in Bucket and Skinner and the guy who played Gnarly Man on Awesomeness TV. The movie is set during the summer when Terry falls for a boy who just moved in across the street. He has similar interests like fishing and catching frogs so Terry is smitten almost immediately. She engages in zany antics trying to understand her feelings, trying to suppress her feelings and finally giving in an trying to win the boy's heart. All this was a great distraction for her training for a pie eating contest. Terry turns out to be a lovable character, and the actor who played Gnarly Man does a great job as her wacky side-kick.

  • Wow.


    Guys this movie... this movie is bad. I mean my god this movie was so pointless to be made and wasted my time so much! There is nothing and I mean nothing funny at all in this movie and mostly because it is a boring piece of crap trash! It's so bad that I don't even remember what actually happened in this abysmal movie! All I know is Terry the Tomboy meets a boy and gains a crush on him.... and that's it! Oh, I'm sorry then there's a friend of Terry who likes her, a flamboyant brother, a snobby ex-friend and that's it. The friend who likes her is bland the crush is annoying the brother annoys me and the ex-friend is too much of jerk. Not to mention I think Lia or whoever got Tomboy mixed up with freaking redneck! Terry is a redneck, not a tomboy! She talks like one, act like one, never shuts up like one! She has a talks to the audience giving "tomboy" advice and what not and she is so annoying! I'm sorry, I love Lia Michele she's a great person, but this is a horrible character. Don't get me started on the lackluster movie that again is not funny, I tried forcing out a laughter and I actually felt my soul slip away. My brain actually hurts after watching it. It is so boring and slow. I kept looking at the clock begging for it to freaking end, all it was is Terry trying to get with a boy and acting like a dumb redneck tomboy until a climax where she starts dressing like a 'normal' teen for a few minutes and then jumps back to being a redneck tomboy. I'm serious Terry becomes Girly girl for a few minutes and then jumps back to tomboy. she does this because her ex- snob friend tells her to change after she (Terry) hurts her crush. Oh, the friend is neither funny nor likable not even villain likable all we know was she's a former tomboy who changed and dropped Terry as a friend and tries to steal Terry's crush, that's it! I'm sorry guys, but this movie sucks I love Lia but this is so bad. terrible characters, bad story also boring, no comedy, and slow-paced plot! Watch it if you want to and it might work with kids younger than me but to me this movie is the worst Nick has spit out ever!

  • Nickelodeon hates teenagers


    The movie confirms my theory that Nickelodeon views teenagers with complete and utter disdain. They don't know the difference between teenagers and 5 year olds. Therefore, all their shows (and I guess movies) that are geared toward teenagers and tweens would only be considered even remotely funny by pre-schoolers. And most of them would even remark how childish the humor is. I have expected this movie to be filled with an obviously fake laugh track like all the Dan Schneider shows are. Sorry, but maybe making a movie out of someone whose claim to fame is reacting to other videos on YouTube, along with her own terrible channel is not such a good idea. She's just not funny, and even worse, she isn't given any material to work with. This is so bad, it is like watching YouTube circa 2007.


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