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The Borrowed Christmas (2014)

The Borrowed Christmas (2014)

Sherry MorrisJeff RoseCraig Bryant BelwoodDiana Schmitt
Chip Rossetti


The Borrowed Christmas (2014) is a movie. Chip Rossetti has directed this movie. Sherry Morris,Jeff Rose,Craig Bryant Belwood,Diana Schmitt are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. The Borrowed Christmas (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

"The Borrowed Christmas" is the new family movie by Rossetti Productions. John Dale has everything. Money, notoriety, the biggest house in town. But what he really wants, is a good, old fashioned Christmas. With no family in town, John turns to the local "Rent-All" store and Anne Weston. Anne's store is struggling, and in an attempt to save the shop, she takes on this unusual order, from this unusual man. She goes about trying to fill the order, but ends up filling a need much greater.


The Borrowed Christmas (2014) Reviews

  • Home and no holiday


    Maybe in the hands of a better producer/director, writer and better players A Borrowed Christmas might have gone as high as some of the more maudlin items from the Hallmark Channel. But this film didn't have the benefit of those talents. The protagonist Jeff Rose a successful businessman gets a nostalgic yearning for an old fashioned family style Christmas. Only problem is that he's got no family anywhere in reasonable distance. What does he do but goes to a place where he has a mortgage and the local Cratchit like woman Sherry Morriss creates a family Christmas from central casting. Everything but Marley's spirit. A maudlin idea not helped by a bunch of amateurish players who wouldn't make the cut in my favorite high school theatrical troupe, The Hanover Footlighters. Even church audiences are going to strain with this one.

  • Not in the spirit...


    I'm all for a nice xmas story, yet this insipid, un-inspired load of coal is why I lothe the holiday season. From the horrific editing to the cringe-worthy acting by everyone in the cast, right down to the credit roll. Has to be the most uninspired and most lamestream movie without a message. If you are looking for a nice -fake family movie.well, this sinker has everything you would ever want. Acting= minus 10, Script= minus 10, watchablity = minus 12. Just plain embarrassing for everyone involved, including myself for sitting throughout this piece of garbage. Have a merry xmas and skip this reindeer feces of a film at any cost. 1 out of 10

  • One of my favorites......Not


    I was so excited to see this play finally brought to the screen, I started it and I fell in love instantly with the opening song, a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful voice and then the actors appeared and my excitement was shattered.....I am normally a very up beat and positive person, but I was so disappointed......They took this wonderful, heart felt story and forced you to try and find that wonderful story by placing poor actors, poor photography and poor sound, an all around bad situation. Thank you for the opening song, it gave me something to be happy about......better luck next time

  • Creative idea goes beyond shallow reviewers


    Thought provoking, goes beyond just the Christmas season. I sensed the actors affected by the profound theme. The other reviewers are great at nitpicking minor flaws but sadly missed the message. This is an outstanding movie for children and adults and to view as a family. The message makes one realize blessings most take for granted. I feel sorry for those who cannot see past their arrogance to contemplate the simple message of the movie. I was blessed and I think most with a heart inclined toward God will also be blessed by it. Its sad that the negative reviewers seem so consumed with their own pride to show how smart they are to fault details of the movie rather than having the humility to attempt to process the implications of the story.


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