The Bread

The Bread

LANG Hindi
TIME 1942
Sardar Akhtar Sitara Devi Akhtari Faizabadi
Mehboob Khan


The Bread is a Hindi movie. Mehboob Khan has directed this movie. Sardar Akhtar,Sitara Devi,Akhtari Faizabadi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1942. The Bread is considered one of the best movie in India and around the world.

Roti made in the early 1940s inspired by the German Expressionism, is a real critique of Indian society with prophetic insight. It deals with two models - one of a millionaire, possessed by money and power in an industrial civilisation, the other of a tribal couple living in a primeval state of nature. The millionaire is saved by the couple after an air crash, the tribal couple emigrate to the city, do not find happiness and return. The millionaire is ruined in the city, tries futilely to find salvation among the tribal. (Not my own synopsis, taken from a website on the history of Indian Cinema which Imdb wouldn't let me include because it doesn't accept links or htmls in plot synopses)

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The Bread Reviews

  • Scathing Indictment of Capitalism

    avisolo 2002-09-28

    This classic early film by Memboob is a very hard hitting and well made critique of the impact of the capitalist ethos on India's poor. This film is striking in it's uncompromising stand more so as it was made within the framework of commercial Indian cinema. Surely among the all time greats of Indian films.


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