The Bunker (2014)

The Bunker (2014)

Ken ShamrockMike BrownJess WeberChristopher Bihrle
Joe Black


The Bunker (2014) is a English movie. Joe Black has directed this movie. Ken Shamrock,Mike Brown,Jess Weber,Christopher Bihrle are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. The Bunker (2014) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

"The Bunker," is a fictional war torn valor story of heroism, set in the uncharted lands of "The Ho Bo Woods" in southern Vietnam 1965. Following a bogus ghost hunt for a missing special forces unit led by a man they call Ranger. Pvt. Johannes Schenke (Han), an engineer, attempts to save an alleged NVA (North Vietnamese Army) operative, a Vietnamese girl named Kim-Ly, along with his fellow comrades who have been captured by Ranger and his renegade special forces squad while operating out of an abandoned NVA bunker.


The Bunker (2014) Reviews



    I don't even know where to begin. This is some of the most awful garbage i've ever seen. Not because it has a ton of errors..but because it's rotten to the core bad. The film is about these G.I's running around in Vietnam during the war, looking for some spec-ops gone rogue... yea... it's ridiculous already but trust me!! It's about to get a LOT worse than that. Hell.that was the icing on top of the cake. The first scene we see is where this rogue unit of commandos sneak in on some small NVA - which is a acronym they FREQUENTLY USE THROUGH THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE up until the point you being tearing your hair out - camp where they, supposedly, were to rescue their fellow American soldiers.. well if that was what you expected then get f u c k e d buddy.. instead they kill the Vietcong soldier - of which there was only 1 by the way- and then continue inside to slit the throat of their fellow soldier. yea. no apparent reason either. Just rogue U.S commandos running around killing everybody including their own soldiers for NO REASON... Don't think it can get any worse do you? IT CAN! You just be patient. All in all this film is so outrageously poor and cheap to look at. I don't know why ANYONE would even consider throwing money into something like this. By the way...that film poster you see is LYING TO YOU! It's total garbage. There are no real explosions choppers...just various dudes..running around in a WESTERN looking forest... searching for that missing unit while being slaughtered in the process. Thats pretty much this film in a nutshell. The acting is dreadful as well. Not credible whatsoever! As already mentioned everything looks so cheap so even when they try to make this work it simple fails continuously. Ohh yea...did I mention that they cut off the fingers of those they kill as well. The rogue unit that is... for no apparent reason either. The only thing I got out of this outrageous c r a p what that this rogue unit were fighting for their bunker...ergo the title... LIVE AND DIE IN THE BUNKER... yea...sounds fun right... It doesn't even look like a bunker either.. it's a hole in the ground with a huge Stars and Stripes hanging in there taking up like 80 percent of the space.'s not some ww2 looking bunker or something...its LITERALLY! a hole in the ground similar to what kids would dig at a playground... Looks like Black got his enthusiasm from there by the looks of it. Aside from the ridiculous story the thing that started to anger me the most when watching this was that music...THAT GOD AWFUL MUSIC Okey...LET ME BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR!! This "film" has like ONE SINGLE TRACK of music in it! ONE SINGLE TRACK!!! And is keeps on playing non stop..again...and again...and again...and again..then whenever combat is initiated - which look horrible by the way due to the fact that the choreography is DREADFUL! Hitting, kicking, shooting or hell anything thats here - which isn't a whole lot- is just plain bad. It's so practiced and controlled. I can't believe some of these combat sequences where actually performed by certain wrestlers. ANYWAY ! the music... Whether you're running, sneaking, walking, talking, or anything like that you keep on hearing the same f u c k i n g track again and again. It's like slow and atmospherical in a sinister and mysterious kind of way... It sucks...let me just make that clear. Sometimes you hear a variation of it when things intensify BUT!!! thats almost never so yea.. one track for 90 minutes...enjoy. Then there's the CGI-fest which reigns supreme here as well. Whether we're talking blood, gun effects or explosions they're all poor, cheap and ever MINDBLOWINGLY dull and lousy to look at. The blood spray when they cut each other with knives and so on ARE EVEN CGI!!! YEA!! They couldn't even afford a proper special effects team..nor could they afford a make-up team. The face cameo looks so clean and fresh most of the time... fail fail fail... Honestly Joe... Who was this film made for? Who wants to see a film like this? This is not a B movie or C or D or anything like that. This just just plain bad. I don't see how anyone could come to care about this. I literally cannot come up with one good thing about this film. These called "actors".. I don't even know... Let me just sum them up fast because I want this to be over with. No enthusiasm... poor acting wait..correction..NO! ACTING SKILLS WHATSOEVER! There we go... Thats pretty much it. Then there's the dialog throughout the film..all retarded and boring if not utterly ridiculous. There are SO MANY LOOPHOLES! Nothing makes sense..its a complete explanations either DO NOT WATCH THIS! If you absolutely insist on seeing it to see what I'm talking about the for the love of god use a free film site. Once again.. Stay away from this piece of garbage. It's not worth the money, the time, its not even worth taking a look at on a Sunday evening while chilling with your buds. It's not even laughable... This is a horrifically bad film that should've never been produced, developed and especially RELEASED! It's a complete disaster that will make your eyes hurt guaranteed. STAY AWAY! FAR AWAY! TOXIC WASTE HERE PEOPLE!!! RADIOACTIVE WASTE IS ALL AROUND THIS! Don't get close or you'll grow a third arm or something. This is nothing but one enormous pile of epic mega fail! An intentional cluster f u c k is what this is and thats all there's to say.

  • Worst THING ever, not just the worst movie.


    This is by far the worst movie i have ever seen. stupidly retarded dialogues, Awful awful awful performances. i could have sworn the script was written by a ten year old. There's no way Joe Black has not realized what a piece of garbage he's made, and i cannot believe how he dared publish such a thing. it's an insult to the viewers. I strongly discourage anyone to see this movie (if you can call it that). if you stare at a wall for 90 minutes you have wasted your time less than watching this awful thing. i watched it two hours ago and i still cannot believe how terrible it was. never seen anything worse and i am pretty sure i will never see anything worse than this ever in my life.

  • Don't Waste Your Time


    Not one single Vietnamese tree in this film (filmed in Buffalo, NY). Soldier's tattoos are recent vintage, not the style of 1965. What is an African snake, a Gaboon Viper, doing in a bunker in North Vietnam. A road map in one scene was not of Vietnam. Some of the military equipment is of later vintage than Vietnam era. Didn't the director research the weapons used by the military back then? I don't think Special Forces soldiers would actually wear a Special Forces ring when out on patrol. The Vietnamese girl speaks without an accent. The director must assume that we are all idiots. I hope he didn't pass his filmmaking class with this entry. I do not recommend that anyone waste any time on this film.

  • A sorry tale


    The Bunker, 2014 Directed by Joe Black, who also co wrote it. The production values were competent, not so the story telling, Spoiler ahead, If you want to see a bloody hodge podge of a film, go ahead. The first big negative that greets us early, and sticks with us until the end, is the score. Where is Elmer Bernstein (The Great Escape soundtrack) when you need him? The music was jarringly off, If one could liken this to a similar plot, it would be,"Heart of Darkness" It shares the same major elements; A renegade psychopathic but highly dedicated (to his own private cause) madman. Here played by Christopher Bihrle, and a soldier sent in to investigate played by Jess Weber. None of the players were very memorable and they were all seemingly expendable. I see little to recommend here, unless you are looking for gross, moral less and mindless misadventure. Three out of Ten time waster Stars

  • The Trailer Was Enough

    Evil Jimi2017-12-03

    I watched the trailer right here on IMDb. That was enough to see the correctness of these reviews. In the space of less than two minutes you can witness the horrible, horrible acting; the ridiculous fight choreography; the pathetic dialogue. It has no redeeming qualities, and is actually offensive to all who served in the Vietnam conflict. Thanks IMDb for saving me from the indignity of watching this vile rubbish.


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