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The Con Is On (2018)

The Con Is On (2018)

Dot CosgroveUma ThurmanTim RothSusan Traylor
James Oakley


The Con Is On (2018) is a English,Spanish,Japanese,Russian,Chinese movie. James Oakley has directed this movie. Dot Cosgrove,Uma Thurman,Tim Roth,Susan Traylor are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Con Is On (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime movie in India and around the world.

In an effort to avoid paying off a massive gambling debt to a notorious mobster in England, a couple flee to Los Angeles and hatch a jewel theft plot.

The Con Is On (2018) Reviews

  • Dreadful waste of time!


    Managed 40 minutes of this before I turned it off. Bad acting, terrible accents and definitely not funny. I normally like Tim Roth and Uma Thurman and Maggie Q was good in designated survivor, but this is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

  • Gawd Awful


    I can't figure out what the purpose of this movie was or what it was trying to do. I don't know if it was attempting to display overacting on purpose as a parody of itself or if they were actually trying to be serious. Whatever it was it failed miserably. The result was an awkward movie that I had a hard time watching. It was caught in between something and something else. Very strange that they would even release this the way it turned out. They should have saved themselves some embarrassment and just shoved this one into the archives. It was absolutely terrible on all fronts. Not one good thing I can even think to say about this movie (well maybe that every scene didn't have them smoking fake cigarettes like a lot of others are doing these days) and I'm being generous. This is Hollywood at it's worst but hey, they've been doing a lot of this kind of garbage lately so this is nothing new. This is one of those flicks that almost makes me want to stop wasting my time watching movies. Luckily there are still some decent ones around but this is not one of them. Now I need to go find some deodorizer to get rid of the stink that is still in my nose. What is that smell anyway?

  • Atrocious


    I cannot even go into depth about this movie it was so bad. I have no idea how i made it through the movie, but I Said i would finish it. Please please do not watch this as you will be begging for the time back that you wasted on watching this movie. I never write reviews, but this was that bad

  • Just Awful.


    This is a complete train wreck of a movie. Great cast phoning in their performances, presumably for the money. It's taken three years since it was made for it to be released. They shouldn't have bothered.

  • Absolute junk


    Despite a good cast and decent cinematography, this film is a complete fail. The script is horrendous; it drags along and goes nowhere. I think it is supposed to be comedic, but there is not a single laugh in the entire movie. There was no reason for Hollywood to waste money on this script...it should be a career-killer for the writer(s). I can't believe this project looked good on paper and can't imagine why this project was green lighted. The positive reviews must be for people involved in the film, because I can't imagine anyone actually enjoying this film. Troma would have passed on this script.


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