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The Hatred (2017)

Sarah DavenportAndrew DivoffDarby WalkerNina Siemaszko
Michael G. Kehoe


The Hatred (2017) is a English movie. Michael G. Kehoe has directed this movie. Sarah Davenport,Andrew Divoff,Darby Walker,Nina Siemaszko are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Hatred (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A young girl gets to break free from her suffocating and overprotective father but this father who was close to the Nazis and even closer to Adolf Hitler won't allow it. In a fit of rage, he drowns her and then buries her in the grounds of his country home. He lies to the police and his worried wife claiming he knows nothing about her whereabouts. For reasons unknown, his wife then murders him by poisoning him. Years later, four young women travel to their professor's country home and discover its malevolent past.

The Hatred (2017) Reviews

  • Just terrible


    The first 10 minutes set up the back story and then we get nearly an hour of nothing. I was going to say nearly an hour of character development but its not, just teenage girls chatting drivel for over 50 minutes. Finally we get to the horror that the trailer showed us. Sadly its brief, ripped from other movies & you don't care what happens to the characters. Go watch something else.

  • Potential but no "end"


    So the premise was interesting, but I don't know if they just decided to strip out most of the story during editing, i.e Regans Grandmother, they made a point of her being unwell, we visit her twice, one point doctor says she flat lined momentarily (i guess supposed to coincide with one of the characters deaths) She even appears as a vision in the house to Regan, but then....nothing Was she supposed to be Alices Mum? what was he connection? The Amulet, After all that research, it just gets left I don't think we even see all her friends be killed, she just leaves after only finding one of her friends dead, what happened to the other 2 (last we see of blonde girl she is reading blood writing on the wall in German, we don't even get told what it says? Started off OK, built up potential for decent story line, then just dive bombed into a shambles)

  • 2/10 for first 20 minutes


    Not bad at first, and very lousy at second half (its about hour when 40 minutes totally waste of time), then BOOM - we have tons of copy-paste horror scenes from other movies and shorts like "The Grudge", and that famous short with doppelganger (I think based on one-sentence horror- story) and many others. I don't't know what a next level laziness is this, but it looks like plagiarism. In camera department and sound - its okay, but... well, its not good movie at all.

  • Avoid this cinematic disaster!


    Five words: The trailer is completely misleading! This movie is just plain awful! From the moment it started, I had no idea what was going on. When I thought it was finally getting good, it started going downhill. The acting is HORRIBLE and it's your typical college graduate trope. Please do not waste your time with this movie!

  • First and Third Act Salvaged Film


    Out of the gate, The Hatred sets up solid ground work. Part Apt Pupil, part The Conjuring, a decent backstory opens up the first act. As opposed to relying on flashbacks, this film plays out the horrific history of the locale and story. Post-Nazi America in a small town and the secrets that ensue. The second Act only exists to guide us into the present day. Sassy, texting, little to say to each other modern day females visiting the haunted house in question. While trying to create strong, independent women, the script merely calls out the older male sensibility of what we think young adult women talk like. Merely hamstringing our female cast to become stereotypes trying to be more than what was written for them. Which is sad, because the actresses really try to create a sense of friendship, love and trust. However, the groundwork is downtrodden and stale. The last act finally brings the scares and suspense. While unapologetically and rituallistacly off camera, killing off the cast; the final moments with our lead and the child are decently executed. The moment perpetuated in the films trailer is very effective and inventive for an otherwise stale and often imitated genre. Overall, the film had a decent cast and a solid plot. The downside was the lacking second act and lowly accommodating budget. If that third act, trailer based twist on the supernatural played throughout this film, it would've been one for the books.

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