The Krays: Dead Man Walking (2018)

The Krays: Dead Man Walking (2018)

Rita SimonsJosh MyersChristopher EllisonGuy Henry
Richard John Taylor


The Krays: Dead Man Walking (2018) is a English movie. Richard John Taylor has directed this movie. Rita Simons,Josh Myers,Christopher Ellison,Guy Henry are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Krays: Dead Man Walking (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Crime movie in India and around the world.

Inspired by true events, the shocking story of London's most feared and notorious brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray as they break Frank 'The Mad Axeman' Mitchell from Dartmoor Prison in December 1966.

The Krays: Dead Man Walking (2018) Reviews

  • 'Shocking Story' is absolutely correct


    The only reason to even attempt to 'review' this rubbish is to try and understand how so many adults involved in the making of this could possibly think that it was in any way a portrayal of the Krays or London's underground or London in the 1960's in anyway shape or form. From the absurdly fake accents.. "We are Old School!' to the amateurish attempt at Costume.... makes this truly one of the worse Movies I have ever tried to watch. With so many documented photographs of Ronnie and Reg, wouldn't you even begin to cast someone with the slightest resemblance to the twins? I challenge anyone to find a photo of Reg with a 5o'Clock shadow. Lord Boothby could have been played by Boris or Benny Hill as opposed to a skinny Etonian and without doubt Lesley (Dirty Den) Grantham must be happy from above that this was his last film. Why? Why? Why? If Ronnie and Reg were still with us, I'm sure that these 'filmmakers' would have been paid a visit! Dreadful.

  • Jesus Christ this is bad


    I do not write reviews ever and I do mean ever but by oh Christ was this one of the worst films I have EVER seen. 79 minutes of my life I will never ever get back

  • Who did the casting for this!!!


    One twin looks like a chubby Stephen merchant.the other looks like a small Italian man with no lips!

  • They would turn in there grave


    From the first scene you can see they made a terrible choice in casting the krays and and Frank the clothing the whole thing in whole and sad to think if this is the only reg Travis film any one has scene as he is actually not a bad actor whole thing was a shambles

  • Rubbish!


    This is the first time I've ever written a review of a film. I love the krays stories and have about a half dozen dvd films on them. This was the latest I bought. Please do not waste your money or your time. I won't go into specifics, it makes me too angry and also I don't want to waste any more time on anything to do with this dvd. My instinct at the time told me it was probably rubbish, just looking at the cover of the dvd. I wish I'd read these reviews first.


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