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The Memory Book (2014)

The Memory Book (2014)

Meghan OryLuke MacfarlaneArt HindleJohn Cassini
Paul A. Kaufman


The Memory Book (2014) is a English movie. Paul A. Kaufman has directed this movie. Meghan Ory,Luke Macfarlane,Art Hindle,John Cassini are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. The Memory Book (2014) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Budding photographer Chloe (Ory) comes from a family of failed romances. At a local flea market, she stumbles upon an old photo album from the 1970s, chronicling the ideal romance of a happy couple (Hindle and Barbeau). Unable to find her own "true love," she sets out to find the couple in the album and prove that true love exists. Along the way, she meets Gabe Sinclair (Macfarlane), a mysterious, but charming bartender, who seizes the opportunity to join Chloe's mission and soon finds himself falling in love with her. With limited resources, the two go on an adventure, searching for clues that will lead them to the couple, and hopefully to true love. As the search continues, Chloe begins taking an interest in Gabe, but won't let these feelings distract her from her mission to find the couple. Will Chloe learn to give up her fear of falling in love and finally find true happiness?


The Memory Book (2014) Reviews

  • Don't miss this great romance!


    This is one of the most delightful movies I have ever seen. Meghan Ory is gorgeous and very enjoyable to watch on screen. The story is not particularly original, but you wind up really pulling for the main characters even though you know how it is going to end! I just happened to catch this movie as I was channel surfing a couple of weeks ago and was so taken with it that I have been attempting to catch it again to enjoy the experience all over again. I just about missed it totally last night, but caught the ending. I look forward to being alerted to its next showing so I can record it so I can watch it and bleep through the commercials. I cannot find that a DVD is available yet, but will definitely obtain one as soon as it is available.

  • Just try and resist holding back your own tears as you reminisce...what could have been?


    What a wonderful romantic/mystery film that delivered a lot more than I ever expected from another Lifetime movie. Lead actress Meghan Ory plays a professional expressionist photographer named Chloe Davenport who purchases a complete stranger's 1970's Memory Book from a flea market. The Memory Book piques Chloe's interest to find the actual owner of this romantic historical portfolio of this unknown couple's young and genuine romance captured in the pictures contained in their memory book. The big question is....who would ever relinquish their loving memory book with their personal lifetime of romantic memories and how did it end up being sold for a mere $10 at a local flea market? In walks an amateur photo critic named Gabe Sinclair (Luke Macfarlane) while Chloe has an art exhibit underway at a local gallery and with every word that comes out of Gabe's mouth in his attempt to describe his personal opinion of Chloe's photos on the art wall he keeps burying himself further and further into Chloe's bad books. Eventually Gabe and Chloe meet again under more pleasant circumstances and slowly but surely Gabe makes up for his initial blunder and criticism of Chloe's photo art exhibit. Their two personalities could not be any more different but isn't that what true romantics say? "Opposites do attract!" As Chloe explains to Gabe her interest in the strangers Memory Book she just purchased and her need to find the owner and hear the owner(s) romantic story Gabe takes it upon himself to spontaneously move forward with the investigation. Gabe decides on his own to do some of his own investigating of what each romantic picture in the mysterious Memory Book means that also sets Chloe on an unexpected and spontaneous adventure with Gabe leading the way with the reluctant and very cautious Chloe who has little interest (at first) in getting to know Gabe on any personal level. As with rock and ballad singer Rod Stewart's famous album "Every Picture Tells A Story" so did each of the pictures in the enclosed Memory Book tell a story that Gabe boldly chose to take Chloe off of her feet and explore each of these stories behind each of the pictures. As the Memory Book mystery gradually is unfolded by Gabe's and Chloe's dogged approach so does the relationship between these two forlorn and cautious lovebirds. I will admit it, I had uncontrollable tears flowing a few times as the director Paul A. Kaufman did an excellent job in bringing out the best performances not only in Gabe and Chloe's performances, but also in the mysterious Sarah Lund (Adrienne Barbeau) and Jack Dodd (Art Hindle) whose romantic pictures tell their true story. How this particular romantic/mystery film kept my attention without becoming just another notch in the string of so-so Lifetime films is a credit to the writer Duane Pool, the director Paul A. Kaufman, and the four main stars, Meghan Ory (Chloe), Luke Macfarlane (Gabe), and the mysterious romantic couple Adrienne Barbeau (Sarah) and Art Hindle (Jack/Jonathan). I found this made for TV movie was deserving of more than one Academy Award nomination even though it was a made for TV film and only entitled to the Emmy awards. This is truly a film classic worth watching multiple times that I will be sure to purchase and pop into my Blu Ray player from time to time and watch with Mrs. Shullivan to remind ourselves that any good romance comes with both its share of good times, hardships and true love in varying proportions, but all contain our memories worth cherishing. A perfect 10 for 10

  • Beautiful,Graceful and absolutely memorable.


    "The memory book " was one of those rare movie that inspired you to look for the deeper meaning of life and the mystery that floated around the puzzle piece called 'Love' All the characters played their roles with just the right amount of emotion and passion.It was only towards the end that i remembered the fact that this movie was a Hallmark TV movie. The plot, the characters and the general feel of the movie was that original. I think i learned a thing or too from this movie at the end..The one line that really struck me was something i heard towards the end. "You cant live other people's life for them...you've got to define what you want." This movie taught me just because Love didn't work out for everybody else around you , doesn't mean its going to end up the same way for me... i get to define what i want and 'perfect' was never it. So maybe..just maybe there's some hope ill be living happily in love someday.

  • Inspiring Your Love Life .... a lot


    The basic idea of this film is really inspiring my love live. It makes me wake up to redefine the purpose of my life. I start collecting the memorable things, such as photos, songs, video recordings, collectibles, anything. The music is good, the locations and views are terrific. Well ... you should see this movie. Ask your love one to watch together. Create your own Memory Book. Create your own love live. It is really worth the craft and time. I do glad seeing the ending of this movie, unfortunately I did not see it on time, but still I am glad to see it.

  • Beautiful Memories ***1/2


    "Memories may be beautiful and yet, what's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget." Those haunting words sung beautifully by Barbra Streisand come to best summarize this wonderful Hallmark film. A woman buys a memory book and pursues the pictures to discover the identities of the people involved. Along the way, she finds love and the help of a guy in pursuit of the story behind the book. Adrienne Barbeau is appealing in the role of the woman who the book is all about. It is interesting to see the change in her character from a cold indifferent person to a loving one who sees the errors she made in a long lost relationship. Good detective work uncovers who the people really are that are represented in the picture.


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