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The Misguided (2018)

The Misguided (2018)

Caleb GalatiSteven J. MihaljevichKatherine LangfordJasmine Nibali
Shannon Alexander


The Misguided (2018) is a English movie. Shannon Alexander has directed this movie. Caleb Galati,Steven J. Mihaljevich,Katherine Langford,Jasmine Nibali are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. The Misguided (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

University dropout Levi, begins a romance with his brother Wendel's ex-girlfriend, but when he learns of a deadly predicament Wendel faces, his loyalties become divided, and a reciprocal sense of duty to assist, results in a tricky scheme of betrayal.

The Misguided (2018) Reviews

  • Interesting, suspenseful thriller.


    Interesting, suspenseful thriller. Definitely an indie vibe. Some really beautiful cinematography; a little dark in couple spots. Nice dash of comedy in an otherwise dark and gripping story. Some very strong and delightful performances. Overall very enjoyable.

  • Bad all round...


    Shockingly bad, even Katherine Langford's acting couldn't save this.. and she's not even that good in this trash to be honest.. I was expecting a lot more with her in it.. Dull, boring and cheaply shot, with a budget of about $20, that's 90 minutes of my life I can't get back.. I would not recommend this movie to anyone..

  • one of the few i regret i followed to the end


    Its wasted time in the wasted western parts of flie filled australia, better said the perthrish area, with lots ov depraved and poor people. hitting the wrong road,with drug business full stop. the story tells about two brothers and a girl who switch partnership in bed between them. the emotional tone is dark and dreary allthrough the movie, were lack of money and proposals to make money flies in all directions. its a miserabel brothers in arms,uneducated,and unfortunate like the head of a matchstick. the acting are dull, the stry are shallow and incoherent,why it has become a story are never told, the score are like promoting angeldust, and the supposedly drama action is never found.the filmographic quality are blurry and cornish, with bad lightening and full of false shadows, giving a terrible look of low budget production. its so depressing in the end that i really regret viewing it complete. what the intention of this flick were the grumpy old man doesnt know,maybe you can elaborate it in your review.i will not recommend trash like this.


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