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The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017)

The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017)

Michiel HuismanHera HilmarJosh HartnettBen Kingsley
Joseph Ruben


The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017) is a English movie. Joseph Ruben has directed this movie. Michiel Huisman,Hera Hilmar,Josh Hartnett,Ben Kingsley are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

A strong-willed young woman, who, frustrated by on-going injustice at home, leaves the U.S. after meeting Jude, an American doctor who runs a remote medical mission within the Ottoman Empire. A world both exotic and dangerous, and on the brink of what is about to become World War I. There, she finds her loyalty to Jude and the mission's founder tested when she falls in love with their perceived enemy, a Lieutenant in the Ottoman Imperial Army. Now, with invading army forces at their doorstep, and the world about to plunge into all-out war, she must make a decision if she wants to be what other people want her to be, or to be herself.


The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017) Reviews

  • Movies Are Not Politics, Nor Are They Documentaries.


    While some reviewers cannot see beyond the work of the actors and director in a project, others pay to escape life and be immersed in a world we cannot otherwise visit. The Ottoman Lieutenant is a grand, sweeping movie that has war as its backdrop. This movie is not a documentary. The artists who worked to bring us this bit of fiction immersed themselves beautifully within the project, and their hard work stands out, much like the Merchant Ivory films. The movie itself does not ask for a review of its accuracy, it simply asks that we put aside the trappings of our present environment to imagine a different vista. If you are interested in enjoying beauty for its own sake, then you will enjoy this film. If you are still intent on reliving the atrocities of the past, then l suggest you stick to documentaries, and only those with which you wholeheartedly agree. - Chipper F. Xavier, Esq.

  • deeply flawed film, as both romantic epic


    Unabashedly old-fashioned and romantic, this World War I-era movie fearlessly plucks at the heartstrings while offering glorious, big- screen cinematography ... and a bit of revisionist history. The Ottoman Lieutenant may may lack big-name movie stars. And, because it was funded largely by Turkish financiers, it shines a positive light on the country, largely ignoring the Armenian Genocide of 1915. But if you judge it based on goal of telling a romantic story against an intense wartime backdrop, like a mini-Dr. Zhivago or The English Patient, it succeeds handsomely. The three characters involved in the love triangle are very appealing, and their human qualities make their relationship all the more complex. Plus, Ben Kingsley is wonderfully hammy as the founder of the Turkish hospital. Veteran director Joseph Ruben, who usually makes low-level thrillers (like the excellent The Stepfather) forgoes any tricks and simply uses a gorgeous widescreen backdrop with spectacular landscapes and plays of light to underline his story. The telling of it is smart but not confusing, tragic but not weepy, and swoon-inducing without being dopey.

  • This is proper art


    Very emotional movie, great acting, great cast, great plot. Simply incredible. I'm not really an emotional person, and the only movie that I've ever got teary eyed in was Hachiko. But then this movie made me just as much emotional if not more. Would definitely suggest it to everyone. Don't know about the historical value of the movie. But if you watch it without any prejudice, I guarantee that you will enjoy it. It's more than just a movie, it is.

  • A bad movie, don't waste your time.


    A Turk voting 4, oh no it must be a miracle, one can easily say. I watched it then I vote for it, maybe it is the difference, or I was not paid to vote for it, maybe it is the difference, I don't know. But let me say, this movie sucks. The movie tells a story of a love triangle between an American doctor, an American nurse, and a Turkish officer. This is the main story. As always Hartnett is the loser as the American doctor. Huisman is the Turkish officer who will be dead at the end of the movie and the winner of the fight to win the nurse's love, and Hilmar is the nurse so the prize. The first problem of the movie is the chemistry between players, well the problem is there isn't any chemistry and Huisman and Hilmar were not even allowed to kiss. If you are trying to make a propaganda movie disguising as drama or romance, you must allow them to kiss. If it is for the Turkish audience, then still in our movies and TV series even Turkish players kiss, then why? Then why did you pay that much money to all these famous players? Still, Hartnett was believable and he and Kingsley made the movie watchable. Instead of scenery shots, I would like to watch Kingsley and his drama more. Also, Bilginer was good. About historical facts. Without getting into too many details, producers of the movie tried to show the events in Turkish aspect of the view. History was in the background, but main themes were not all Turks were bad, so not all Armenians, but it was the Russians. Of course, the events were not as it was depicted in this movie, but it is too be honest irrelevant to this movie. Shortly, do not watch it, you must have better options, take a walk, do some gardening, watch TV, play video games. But don't watch it. It is not a historical movie, it is not a romance movie, it is not a drama, but it is a bad movie. Just this.

  • Nice movie


    This is very nice movie and really i'm very happy to watch it. Scenario is historical based and casting is perfect. Even you can't understand how your time will go so fast... Additionally that movie is throw light on a piece of near past and you are easily understanding that Armenians are telling lie about 1915 events between Armenians and Turks... Armenians has killed too many Turks during the war and Turks has just defended themselves, so at the and Turks has won that fight... Anyway, when you watch that movie, you will see what kind of things really happened and how Armenians are telling lie... Have nice watch,


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