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The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

Adam SandlerTerry CrewsJorge GarciaTaylor Lautner
Frank Coraci


The Ridiculous 6 (2015) is a English movie. Frank Coraci has directed this movie. Adam Sandler,Terry Crews,Jorge Garcia,Taylor Lautner are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Ridiculous 6 (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Western movie in India and around the world.

A white man, Tommy, raised by Indians is approached by his long lost father who tells him he needs $50,000 or he'll die at the hands of his former gang. Tommy goes on an incredible and ridiculous journey picking up his other 5 new brothers on the way in a race to save their dad.

The Ridiculous 6 (2015) Reviews

  • i liked it, sod it


    If you took this seriously I really feel sorry for you. Yes Adam Sandler isn't the best but in all honesty, why are you still watching him in the first place? There must be some sort of draw to him. Kind of like how most people feel with Nicholas Cage. there must be some kind of redeeming factor. Anyway I personally loved it. Granted I like a lot of terrible movies. I just really really liked this as far as Adam Sandler movies go. Basically put, if you like Adam Sandler at all here and there, give this movie a go. If not, then why are you reading this review of it in any way, shape or form. It gets my recommendation as far as dumb comedies go. That is all. Gbye m8s.

  • A whole lotta 'meh'


    There's two kinds of Netflix programming: the stuff you watch regularly and intently, like Netflix's ongoing series, and then the stuff you just sort of have playing in the background as you do other stuff. The Ridiculous Six falls into the second category. Some Sandler movies are just flat out awful. But Ridiculous Six manages to be mildly amusing at times. It's impossible to buy Sandler as a bad-ass Indian tracker, but that's probably the point. You've probably never seen Taylor Lautner or Jorge Garcia like this before--but whereas Garcia is pretty funny as a mumbling moon-shine- making hillbilly, Lautner as a simpleton just gets grating after awhile. Also, somewhat surprisingly, the funniest guy out of the six is Rob Schneider, whose Mexican character manages to steal every scene he's in. Terry Crews and Luke Wilson are just there and don't really add much to the proceedings. The best parts of the movies are Will Forte's bumbling band of one-eyed bandits and the cameos--seriously, some of these cameos are just flat out awesome. Particularly a couple cameos that occur during a poker scene. Chances are good if you're a Sandler/Happy Madison fan, you'll enjoy this.

  • Classic Happy Madison Film


    I've noticed that there are quite a few people out there giving this movie a bad review. At first, I couldn't understand why. After thinking about it, I realized that these are not fans of Happy Madison Films. There are people that noticed names like, Harvey Keitel and Dan Patrick, and thought that this was some blockbuster film or something. Then, after watching it, they leave a bad review here because they found the film to be "goofy" or "stupid funny" and not much else. HELLO! There are plenty of Happy Madison films out there, going back as early as the 90's! You didn't know this was going to be a goof fest? For fans of Happy Madison Films, this movie is exactly what you'd expect. A ton of laughs and a good time, with a tiny bit of poking fun at the "Western Films" genre. Not too much though. I'm a fan of Westerns, and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Compared to other Happy Madison films, it's no Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison, but it's up there. With that being said, it is what it is. It's a Happy Madison Film. Although I love these types of movies, they don't garner more than 6 stars...... unless they're Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. In my opinion that is. If you're looking for a good time and lots of laughs, you've found the right film. Who knew Taylor Lautner could play such a hilarious role?

  • Exactly As You Expect


    Anyone who was expecting a great film going into this one is a complete tool. This is not a great piece of art, but it is funny. I was a big fan of Sandler movies in the 90s and lost all interest in the 2000s. Have not watched any of his movies since Little Nicky, but I thought "what the hell?" and gave Ridiculous Six a look. Not the greatest thing I've ever seen but was not expecting it to be. I can honestly say I enjoyed this movie. For all those reviewers who are skewering it for being stupid, don't think too hard. It's a farce and farces are generally farcical. So if you are looking for a couple of laughs and are not looking for Lawrence of Arabia, The Ridiculous Six is worth a viewing. Did I love it? No. Was it a brilliant masterpiece of American cinema? No. Will I watch it again? Maybe. It was certainly more entertaining than 90% of the crap you troglodytes lap up at the box office.

  • This is ridiculous times 6 :)


    I have seen many Adam Sandler movies, but I'm afraid the humor is not what it used to be or my taste is just changing. I like many of his movies also the more realistic and dramatic roles, but with the comedies it has come down to silly and strange characters that are just acting out on camera, sometimes it seems like they get to improvise and if it is silly enough they use it in the film :) There really are a lot of great cast members in this and they all play crazy characters, it is fun to get introduced to the one crazy son of a b.... after another, they are as stated all crazy, maybe a bit too much. It is however strange that so many talented people can join this slapstick humor comedy and it isn't just a bit more fun to watch. We are talking the good old Rob Schneider, David Spade, Steve Buscemi and John Tuturo, we expect them to be part of a Happy Madison production, then there are all the others, the extras, the "cameos" and it is a lot of people Taylor Lautner, Terry Crews, Nick Nolte, Danny Trejo, Luke Wilson, Steve Zahn, Will Forte, Jorge Garcia, Blake Shelton, Vanilla Ice and many many more. It is a crazy crew, but for me none of all these did make this a good movie. There were a lot of childish jokes a lot of slap stick humor, some things worked, but mostly it was just not good enough, I don't know maybe I just expected too much, but it could have been just a little more fun.


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