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The Trainer (2013)

The Trainer (2013)

Sunny MabreyChelsea HobbsBritt IrvinLevi James
Ron Oliver


The Trainer (2013) is a English movie. Ron Oliver has directed this movie. Sunny Mabrey,Chelsea Hobbs,Britt Irvin,Levi James are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. The Trainer (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Annie, 28 and recently divorced, is doing everything she can to get her life back on track. When she decides to join the New Life Fitness gym she's inspired and excited about her new trainer Alex, 20-something, who quickly becomes a friend. Alex is young successful and full of life. But that success comes at a price. Sadly Alex is psychotic and has been murdering her trainees for years. Turns out working out really can be murder.


The Trainer (2013) Reviews

  • Better than, "Muscle Beach Party".


    Could this be the best film ever? I cried, I laughed and I threw up.

  • Mildly Amusing But Could Have Been Better


    This largely silly and thoroughly predictable "thriller" is good for some unintentional chuckles, but the plot practically cries out for an over-the-top, maybe even campy approach. Being that this is a made-for-TV movie, that probably wasn't a luxury the filmmakers had. A newly-divorced and insecure career ad woman decides she needs to boost her confidence in both her work world and her personal (love) life. Her choice of a personal fitness trainer with an agenda and psychological problems of her own leads to complications. Copious amounts of sex, nudity and violence could have made this an instant classic. The actors are attractive and talented, but are hamstrung by the muted approach to the material. Instead, it's mostly a bland and forgettable affair.

  • Better than expected - good leads and a believable story for this kind of movie


    Not bad at all for a Lifetime thriller. They are getting better and better. The plot is a Single White Female/ Fatal Attraction type thriller involving an unhinged personal trainer played quite well by Sunny Mabrey who looks aggressive enough. Her object of obsession is played by Chelsea Hobbs. The only problem is Chelsea is so slim and trim she hardly needs a trainer after all wasn't she a gymnast in that ABC family show? Watch the wacko trainer invade her client's life and work. The various attacks aren't too way out and believable enough if you take it humorously - from colleagues to pets to friends etc. Liked the pie thing. For this kind of thriller it's quite tough to make it seem fresh as it's been done before but here it comes out quite okay. Overall worth a watch. It's better than you'd expect.


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