The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah (2015)

The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah (2015)

Cassady McClincyJeff RoseCallan WilsonDonald James Parker
Chip Rossetti,Donald James Parker


The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah (2015) is a English movie. Chip Rossetti,Donald James Parker has directed this movie. Cassady McClincy,Jeff Rose,Callan Wilson,Donald James Parker are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah (2015) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

The budding friendship between a Christian boy and his Jewish neighbor causes tension for their respective fathers.

The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah (2015) Reviews

  • Shockingly Anti-Semetic


    As a Jew, I was so offended that I had to laugh. But after thinking about this film's message I found myself compelled to write a review. If you are an evangelical Christian who wants to hear what you want to hear, by all means you will enjoy this very much and give it a 8+ (but you'll have to admit some of the acting is pretty bad especially the overacting of the Jewish father). If you are Jewish, steer clear! This is propaganda made to encourage evangelical missionaries. The film stereotypes Jews, using Jewish symbols in offensive ways, and promotes anti-Semitic thinking. If such a film were made about any other minority, people would demand its removal: think Disney's Song of the South. I give it a 2 because its only redeeming value is that it might serve as an example to Jews and others that anti-Semitism is alive and well.

  • Do we start with the antisemitism, the ableism, or the homophobia?


    Oh boy. This movie portrays Jewish fathers as harsh, rigid, angry, and unreasonable. I think the ripping the shirt open and screaming in Hebrew scene really took the cake. Then we have the Jewish's father's overwhelming relief to learn that his son isn't gay. Then we have the disabled cousin being used as a plot device and romantic interest and nothing more. Plus the Dana Carvey looking uncle who is supposed to be super Jewish in order to convert Paul back, not even wearing a yarmulke! Also the "dream" of Paul's father essentially murdering Jesus on an altar? It's basically straight from a Nazi propaganda ad.

  • The most anti-semetic mess to be released in this century!


    I don't know how to keep polite in this review so I'll try to keep my language clean... The self aggrandizing writer says "Jewish people don't have to desert their Jewishness to accept Jesus" That's literally what becoming Christian is because in accepting Christ you are embracing Christianity in place of "jewishness". This truly is antisemetic, self-absorbed and creepy. Also don't get me started on the warped, ill-conceived and misguided nature of having the protagonist codemn a book series (Harry Potter) just because it has the use of magic in it. You can't preach "keep an open mind" while telling people to burn a book series. That's literally the opposite of open mindedness!

  • Hateful garbage.


    I'm an atheist, and I find this offensive and antisemitic. Seriously, the only way this movie could be more condescending to the Jewish people would be if Skrewdriver composed the score. This is so bad, it's not even amusing-bad; I feel awful watching it.

  • Coexistence by consumption


    Two boys cross the religious divide through the worship of the only true God, Tim Tebow, and the hate of Harry Potter. Judging from the cast names, not a single adult Jew, and certainly not a practicing one, was involved in making of this story of the toleration Semites in a small town via the novel method of (SPOILER, but what did you expect?) making them convert. Well, so what you say. Why can't a film made by a small, Evangelical production company in Georgia be a nuanced examination of interfaith relations? Let's go down the checklist: Christians are tolerant and understanding, and perfect in every way? Check. Jews are loud, pushy, hairy men? Check. The Holocaust their constant concern and study? Check. Who menace and threaten to throw their children out of the house when they think of converting? Check. Emergency trip to "Jew" York? Coincidental (OR IS IT?) meeting with a Jew for Jesus? Check. Pathetic crippled girl? Check. Miraculous intervention? Check. Jewishness purged, let us say, out of a whole family a happy ending? Check. Unless you want to deliberately offend and insult someone, this is a bad movie.


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