The Wrong Nanny (2017)

The Wrong Nanny (2017)

Lindsay HartleyFreya TingleyBrody HutzlerBree Williamson
Craig Goldsmith


The Wrong Nanny (2017) is a English movie. Craig Goldsmith has directed this movie. Lindsay Hartley,Freya Tingley,Brody Hutzler,Bree Williamson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Wrong Nanny (2017) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Stella Armstrong hires Blake, a seemingly perfect nanny, to help with her twin baby boys, only to discover that the young woman is the daughter she gave up for adoption at birth - an act Blake wants to avenge by destroying Stella's life and family.

The Wrong Nanny (2017) Reviews

  • There's A Few Issues With This Thriller


    This is a clever little tale which has a pretty good twist to the main plot, though even a couch-potato will be able to work it out quite early on. It's just a shame everything else about the movie isn't up to that standard. Please be aware that you will need to watch an awful opening sequence. This is both badly acted and scripted. However, it's not shot too badly. But once you're past this and into the story proper then things do lift... a little. The main bother I had with the story was the whole "Fund Raising" arc. No matter how much I didn't try to think it out, I still couldn't relate to the fact that, mother of two, Stella (Hartley) would even consider hanging around with the self-gratifying Meredith (Williamson) and her kowtowing minions. Let alone, try to impress her. This entire scenario was filled with such stereotypical fodder that it muddled the main storyline; this should have been a better arc. Secondly, the acting was all over the place. This could be due to the out of sequence shooting of the scenes, because Freya Tingley (Blake), would be dire in one scene and then pretty decent in the next. It really does disjoint the film to have this kind of acting difference. The rest of the cast was pretty average, though Brody Hutzler (Tanner) and Bree Williamson (Meredith) do add a bit of solidness with their portrayal of their characters. Though, I think the trouble with Lindsay Hartley's character is due to the writing and direction, rather than her acting. There were quite a few things that weren't completely believable with Stella. Though the story is strong in its synopsis, it does let itself down on some of the narration and stereotypical characters. There's also the obvious antagonising scenes where we get to see Blake's real character and motivation. The number of times that their friend's daughter, Julianna (Green) told Stella that she was like a mother to her was near vomit inducing. Some of these scenes appeared forced and there were too many. This film would have been so much better with these issues sorted out. But even though there were a few annoyances it still is a good film, not great. For the most part, the direction and pace are standard and steady, not adding anything new to the film. The acting levels out at average. And the story is better and stronger for the character of Blake and her background. If there's a rainstorm or blizzard blazing outside then spending an afternoon with this flick wouldn't be too bad.

  • Acting is SO bad.


    I LOVE Lifetime movies, but the main character (the mother) her acting was so bad. It seemed very forced. I have seen her in other Lifetime movies and I don't remember her acting as bad as it was in this movie. It was a good storyline though!!

  • I'm just here for the Wi-Fi


    Made-for-TV fare, a psychotic nanny (Freya Tingley) who doesn't try to seduce the husband (Brody Hutzler). Early on we discover she is a vindictive killer who has found her real mom (Lindsay Hartley) and hires on with her as a nanny. Freya Tingley had really bad dialogue written for her and she didn't deliver her lines any better than a high school drama major. There was nothing believable about the whole film. Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.


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