Third Eye (2014)

Third Eye (2014)

Carla AbellanaCamille PratsEjay FalconDenise Laurel
Aloy Adlawan


Third Eye (2014) is a Filipino,Tagalog movie. Aloy Adlawan has directed this movie. Carla Abellana,Camille Prats,Ejay Falcon,Denise Laurel are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Third Eye (2014) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A young woman's supernatural ability to see ghosts is reawakened following the death of her mother. As she adjusts to her new, deathly surroundings, she and her loved ones become the target of some ill-meaning individuals.

Third Eye (2014) Reviews

  • Not to be ignored


    A pleasant homage to classic 80s American horror. Straight forward yet well told. A strong input for the Indonesian horror scene.

  • Filipino version of The Eye


    THIRD EYE is an open Filipino rip-off of THE EYE, in which a young woman has the ability to see ghosts thanks to some untapped psychic powers. The film is well shot although most of it takes place in the dark and it has quite a lot of material to keep it running along smoothly, but at the end you can't help but think 'is that it?'. Rather than going down the usual ghostly route, aside from a few major set-pieces this involves the girl and her friends getting involved with some kooky bad people. The usual lame white-ghost make-up and silly CGI scuppers the best intentions, and as a result this is something of an aimless chore to sit through.

  • Nope.


    I watched this movie on Television premier. The story was bad. The acting was bad. But still, enjoyable to watch on others who don't care on story and acting. The plot was not so good too. You can still watch this movie with your family, and still scary though. But beware. It's not an overall movie if you expect some impact. I think the major problem here was the scriptwriter. He didn't make the reason of why he titled this movie the "THIRD-EYE"


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