Tiger (2018)

Tiger (2018)

Mickey RourkeJanel ParrishMarshall ManeshDaniel R. Hill
Alister Grierson


Tiger (2018) is a English movie. Alister Grierson has directed this movie. Mickey Rourke,Janel Parrish,Marshall Manesh,Daniel R. Hill are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Tiger (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A boxer is banned by the commission for refusing to back down from his beliefs. Through racial profiling and stereotypical threats, he does what any strong American would do, fight back. As a consequence, his legacy will be forever tied to his two biggest battles: one in the courtroom, the other in the ring.

Tiger (2018) Reviews

  • 9/10!


    Inspiring true story and ggreat for all ages. watched this at the Austin film festival. recommended !

  • Movie made with heart


    Amazing movie, all aspects from story, acting, direction, cinematography,editing! There was a reality to this movie which keeps interest throughout. Plus it give a beautiful social message! So a win win situation for it. Apart from movies just made for fun, these kind of movies bring the real lover of cinema to the screens!

  • powerful for Sikhs and others


    I had to download this app just to write my thoughts on this movie. My wife is a sikh and its true they are very much discriminated against. this movie shines light! glad its being told. great movie and must see.

  • Finally a good rocky attempt


    Nothing will ever come close to Rocky but this is about as good as it will get

  • Good story, entertaining movie


    Its not great, just nicely good. Good acting all around with Mickey Rourke as the heavyweight crowd puller . Decent boxing action.

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