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Trailer Park Shark (2017)

Trailer Park Shark (2017)

Lulu JovovichClint JamesDavid KallawaySophie Howell
Griff Furst


Trailer Park Shark (2017) is a English movie. Griff Furst has directed this movie. Lulu Jovovich,Clint James,David Kallaway,Sophie Howell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Trailer Park Shark (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Hell-bent on evicting the residents of a trailer park from his plot of land, a dishonest developer enlists the help of a team of local thugs to do the dirty job for him. As a result, his henchmen flood the caravan park after a tremendous explosion, washing their homes away. But, that's the least of their worries right now, as a massive and famished great white shark gets trapped under floodwater. Now, nature and man's carelessness have created the perfect killer. Can they survive the swift and shocking attack of the ferocious Trailer Park Shark?


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Trailer Park Shark (2017) Reviews

  • Horrendous Trash


    This is the type of movie that requires a negative rating or at least a zero to separate it from the truly terrible movies which at least deserve a score of one. The plot is that a after a natural disaster and a bomb detonated by a ruthless businessman and his henchmen a huge shark is trapped in a river. Upon being blown up it gains the power to generate electric shocks like an electric eal. And it kills quite a few local trailer park/swamp residents. The acting is terrible, the effects are worse, the story is laughable and the attempt at humour is the worst ever seen in a terrible shark film. And that's saying something given that there are movies out there like Avalanche Sharks, Three-Headed Shark Attack, Sharknado and its sequels. Even the music score is annoying beyond belief. Even though the movie was obviously not trying to be serious it still makes Sharknado seem like Shakespeare. Avoid it all costs.

  • worst movie and stupid making


    Not only the worst movie, but also a dumb stupid director has made

  • Rednecks versus a killer shark


    SyFy can sure come up with some dandy concepts. Some trailer park folks have figured out a way to steal electricity from the nearby levy. The rich owner of the land occupying the trailer park wants to evict the dwellers, but he can't do it going by legal channels. Thus he hires a couple of hapless guys to blow up the levy that will flood the trailer park. The park gets partially blown up and the survivors not only have to tend with live electric lines, but there is also a hungry shark that has come up river through the blown levy. At times it is very comical watching these rednecks put thoughts together in order to survive. Lulu Jovovich, playing Jolene, is the redeeming factor of the film. She is a true beauty in no matter what setting you place her. The arrival of the shark is by all means a major threat, but the basic instinct to survive is a force to be reckoned with. Kudos to director Griff Furst for his combination of laughs and tension along with a deadly shark. Besides Miss Jovovich, rounding out the cast: Thomas Ian Nicholas, Davis Kallaway, Elise Berggreen, Richie Montgomery, Kelsey Lamb, Ali Eagle and Tara Reid.

  • You're dumber than I look


    Deconnard (Dennis Haskins) owns the Soggy Meadows trailer park (more like RVs). He wants all the people gone so he has the levy bombed. The area floods along with a large CG shark that has the ability to leap and grab things out of the water. The film starts off creating great trashy characters, but doesn't follow through with them. They become lame as the story goes on. All the women in this poor trailer park look like movie stars and none looks like they are on meth or even smoke cigarettes. Tara Reid of Sharknado fame is briefly in the film. BTW they are filming another Sharknado film even after almost all life on Earth was destroyed in the last one. Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity unless you consider "son of a mother's goat" a swear phrase.

  • A Fantastic Lulu Jovovich Performance


    Lulu Jovovich gives nothing less than the performance of a lifetime in a marvelous role that serves as the glue holding this entire film together. Under the skillful direction of Griff Furst and working from a superb script, Jovovich sets the screen on fire with passionate emotion as well as stunning beauty. Furst does a fine job of showing the environment of extreme poverty and hard deprivation that permeates the lives of his characters. The supporting cast is good in breathing life into people who could well have become stereotypes. Instead, they are flesh and blood prisoners of circumstance and shockingly under attack in a way beyond all imagination. The tension is electric and the action never stops as these heroes face threat after threat. Frightening and at times horrible, Furst and Jovovich ultimately depict the triumph of the human spirit as the basic decency and strength of common Americans overcome both human and aquatic evil. This film is the best of the killer shark movies to date and that is due to the direction of Mr. Furst and the incredibly powerful and unforgettable performance of Ms. Lulu Jovovich.


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