Tramps (2016)

Callum TurnerGrace Van PattenMichal VondelMike Birbiglia
Adam Leon


Tramps (2016) is a English,Polish movie. Adam Leon has directed this movie. Callum Turner,Grace Van Patten,Michal Vondel,Mike Birbiglia are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Tramps (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A young man and woman find love in an unlikely place while carrying out a shady deal.

Tramps (2016) Reviews

  • a few fun moments


    Danny (Callum Turner) gets a call from jail. His brother Darren wants him to deliver a suitcase but he won't reveal its content. He's paired up with driver Ellie (Grace Van Patten). She's also a tramp struggling through life. The exchange goes wrong and they have to go track down the suitcase. It would be nice to know what the exact caper is supposed to be. That would make Danny's bumbling more compelling and funny. It could have been an energetic start but it would require more work from this indie. It takes awhile to get going and the two leads to have some fun dialogue. They are perfectly charming in the indie way. Callum has a good bumbling energy and Grace has a cool beauty about her. The dialogue has some funny moments but it needs more sharpening. The movie is infused with good New York energy. It's a meandering crime caper low budget indie and a functional rom-com. The more compelling relationship is actually between the two brothers.

  • Indie Road Trip Teen Romance Story...


    Tramps is a fantastic film. I watched this on a whim knowing virtually nothing about it and from the opening scene it was apparent this was going to be a great watch. This is basically a modern romance story. Set in New York two young people are brought together under rather unconventional circumstances, seemingly cut from a completely different cloth and find themselves embarking on an adventure to rectify a mistake and hopefully make a little cash. Danny, played by Callum Turner, is a "good kid" with aspirations of becoming a chef who ends up having to run an errand for his apparently inept older brother. This leads to an encounter with Ellie, played by Grace Van Patten, a street wise girl who is worldly beyond her years and as such is a tad jaded, a quality that seems to mystify Danny who's sincerity and sweet nature catches Ellie off guard at first. What ensues is simply one of the most charming films I've seen in years. The dialogue and acting are superb. Each of the films leads deliver the excellently crafted script so naturally that it feels entirely believable. The ending could easily have run into hackneyed territory but cleverly avoids it. In summary, this is a terrific film and everyone involved did an outstanding job.

  • Such Brilliance


    Wow! I'm blown away by this movie. And also feel relieved. Such beautiful cinematography and great acting. You fall in love with the main characters Danny and rough exterior Ellie but with a heart of gold. Her vulnerability towards opening up and Danny's sincerity and respect towards her....just heart melting. I know once this movie gets noticed, it will be a CLASSIC. Whoever this Adam guy is,Thank You Thank You Thank You! Such rawness from the very beginning to the end.

  • too familiar a plot badly done + male fantasy


    I'm sorry but this review is gonna be harsh. The film follows very conventional story lines and beats with little solid ground and lazy world-building. A film like this can be fun and entertaining if done well, unfortunately that's far from the case. The dialogue is unrealistic, less like two people in conversation and more like one-liners that aim to be edgy and 'cool'. The actors had no chemistry, especially while delivering repetitive lines about how the man as a boy got his penis touched by this girl in school. And as usual the male director and scriptwriter kept projecting his unrealistic fantasies onto this love story.

  • A Romcom that's not so strong in just two rather important areas.


    Danny's family - just him, his mother and brother - are Polish immigrants living in New York - definitely not the smart side of town. Isolated from the society around them by the mother's poor English, the family has clung together with a claustrophobic intensity. Danny (Callus Turner) is repressed, dominated and desperately naive. His brother - more worldly wise and more than a little nasty - ropes Danny into taking his place in an over-complicated bag-carrying caper. Ellie (Grace van Patten) has been hired as the driver for the job. An ex waitress at strip joint, she has lived too much life too soon. She's wise beyond her years, but also a little embittered by what has been thrown her way. When the bag switch goes awry, the pair have to work together to try and retrieve the mysteries contents. While these characters are beautifully drawn, Danny is so naive that at times he's a slightly uncomfortable to watch. Perhaps he's just a little bit too naive for the good of film as an entertainment. As result, this is a romcom which is a rather light on both romance and comedy - but interesting nonetheless. Maybe it's a "drama".

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