Trolling (2020)

Trolling (2020)

Jerry DavisDarren Richardson


Trolling (2020) is a English movie. has directed this movie. Jerry Davis,Darren Richardson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2020. Trolling (2020) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family movie in India and around the world.

King Bedwyr suspects something is amiss in his Wee Kingdom. It turns out Ruff the troll and his goofy pal Scruff the bear have been enlisted by the mighty and mean wee wizard Emrick to take over the Wee Kingdom. By joining forces with Emrick, Ruff has bitten off more than he can chew. Will Scruff be able to troll the Wees? Or will Emrick troll the trolls? Join us and find out. Trolling is the name of the game.


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