Twarz (2018)

Twarz (2018)

Mateusz KosciukiewiczAgnieszka PodsiadlikMalgorzata GorolRoman Gancarczyk
Malgorzata Szumowska


Twarz (2018) is a Polish,Romany,Latin,English movie. Malgorzata Szumowska has directed this movie. Mateusz Kosciukiewicz,Agnieszka Podsiadlik,Malgorzata Gorol,Roman Gancarczyk are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Twarz (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A man undergoes a face transplant and experiences ensuing identity issues.

Twarz (2018) Reviews

  • An ironic movie packed both with serious and fun moments


    Just saw this movie in a film festival and loved it. Story is simple - a metalist named Jacek from small Polish town gets hurt while building the Jesus Christ's statue, and is so much deformed in face area that he gets a full face transplant from a donor. The rest of the story is an intentionally stereotype ridden journey of how Jacek copes with his new reality as well as how people around him cope with this new unrecognizible Jacek. There is a full load of stereotypes in this movie, but all of them are intentional and meant to strenghten the effect of pun intended, making for a great ironic look at people with all their strenghts and weaknesses when faced with the unwanted change.

  • This movie is hurtful, based on lies, and full of shallow stereotypes.


    This movie looks like it's made by some naive high-school students with naive heads full of stereotypes. It presents polish people of small town almost like the townspeople who wanted to burn Frankenstein monsters. Seriously, dialouges like "god will help you if you stop to listen metal music". Shallow stereotypes with people willing to exorcise a man because he has disfigured face... c'mon. Intellectually, it is below "B" class movie. Only for simplest, most ignorant audience. Ironically, the movie perpetuates ignorance and hate it supposedly fights against. You know what is most vile, most insidious about the authors of this movie? They say it was based on real events, on a real story of face transplant. But in reality, the whole community HELPED the man. Including the local priest. They collected money for him. They made a foundation. They organized charity concert for his cause. His friends, his family. But in this movie, these people are portraited as garbage. This is exceptionally despicable, to show people who offered their hearts and help, as some twisted stereotype frankenstein-fearing crowd. The author of this movie did it for cheap applause from pseudointellectual critics who will fall for "ooh so much intolerance" crap. And probably for MONEY.

  • cheap tricks and superficial stereotypes


    I can't understand how a movie using so cheap tearjerking tricks and superficial, false stereotypes attracts so much admiration. It would fit well as a manifesto made in 1960's by some political activists,but now, 50 years later? "evil village community vs poor frankenstein monster", again... really? This movie is blunt moral preaching, not much more.

  • morality play mixed with dark comedy


    Superb morality play mixed with dark comedy, as well as a fascinating and unvarnished look into the social mores of rural life. We're not sure where our hero is headed at the end of the movie but wherever it is, it's better than home.

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