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Unknown Caller (2014)

Unknown Caller (2014)

David ChisumLouise GriffithsHenri LubattiAssaf Cohen
Amariah Olson,Obin Olson


Unknown Caller (2014) is a English movie. Amariah Olson,Obin Olson has directed this movie. David Chisum,Louise Griffiths,Henri Lubatti,Assaf Cohen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Unknown Caller (2014) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A psychopath uses a family's high tech security system with a ticking time bomb to terrorize them for 90 minutes demanding an answer to his question; 'WHO AM I?'

Unknown Caller (2014) Reviews

  • Slow paced and terrible casting.


    The story focuses on a family who has a well advanced security system and a man, who is the unknown caller, placed a bomb under the house. The main theme of this movie is that the father (David Chisum) needs to answer the unknown callers question of Who Am I? This is a slow paced movie as it takes too long to get to a point for example after the unknown caller kills the cat, the father drinks water, then sleeps. I understand that everyone needs to drink and sleep. But I found that in thriller movies I'll rather try and figure out how to solve this situation. Then waste time. Like when he tells his wife there is a bomb she smiles. There is more relationship drama than anything else. I think this movie is better if you have a flu and just you want something to help you fall asleep.

  • Dismal, tedious, by the numbers movie


    Sitting through this movie was painful. The plot had more holes in it than my dad's string vest. The acting made trees on a still day look expressive. To think people spent money making this and others money watching it. Every stage in the movie is predictable. Script only could exist in movies "You are an electrical engineer, this was meant to be", well, of course it was, that is why the stupid characters were put in the screenplay. I give it a 1 for the Ferrari. One to avoid. The Olssen brothers produced this and I will make sure I avoid them. oh, and kids...don't be bullies or you will get bad men coming to get you. AVOID AVOID AVOID....ACTUALLY A VOID

  • Easy Sunday afternoon watching


    If you don't expect too much of this film it's not that bad .... It's not an a grade film but it's not the worst I have seen and it does keep you on the edge of the seat most of the film. It is better than some of those handy cam horror films that are out there ... People with money always get into trouble Don't mind the Ferrari scenes at the start of the film too and house has nice scenery. Overall I would give it a 6/10 not a bad effort .. Judge for yourself.. Ashamed this gets a low rating it really isn't the worst movie made and there are so many others I would out at the bottom of the pile before this one and I have worked in in the movie industry previously so I know how critical people can be of movies but as I always say not everyone sees a movie the same way ... Give it a go !

  • Easily, far and away, the absolute worst movie, ever made.


    Awful is putting it politely. The worst acting, the worst directing the worst actors, the worst script, the worst special effects, the worst sound dubbing, the worst lighting, the worst make up. If there was an award for the worst of everything this movie would win in all categories. From start to finish, the entire movie doesn't make sense. A guy who works for an organization that does fracking in Oregon is being threatened by some unknown computer hacker guy on the other end of a cellphone, who turns out to be some dude he was mean to in high school? Who then kidnaps his daughter and dies at the end, because somehow the seemingly inescapable house is escaped by his friend and his estranged wife and kills the guy in an unexplained plot twist? Its like the whole movie is a big middle finger to the industry. As if to say "Look how badly we can waste your money!" This "film" shouldn't be watched by anyone and the director should kill himself.

  • bad movie, very bad plot, and the worst actress, really bad movie


    not much to say, really really stupid and seems like they couldn't even find decent actors. Shocked they got the money for movie with such a bad plot seriously - everything's bad and stupid. I hope they'll never ever get investment again this is a waste, people should never make movies and actors should never play again, at least a girl, this is so.... bad oh my god


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